5 step solution to organizing your home and decluttering your mind.



Small space living can be tough. With a family that is growing and a home that is not, I have been learning the tricks of the trade. Space is a coveted thing around here! At the beginning of my marriage, upon merging our lives into the same tiny 2 bedroom apartment, we realized how difficult this was going to be. Add a baby to the mix, and we realized we were going to need a bigger place. We moved into a bit larger sized home, but adding a second child to our family made us quickly realize that a mess makes for stress! Things tend to look messy when they are cluttered. Because our home has no basement and no garage, we have no extra storage to speak of. So I have decided to get crafty. I have devised a method that works perfectly for me. In moments I felt overwhelmed, and it was highly possible I may tear out my hair, I decided I have to clear the clutter. EVERYTHING must have a designated space! So I am on a personal mission to do so.  Because I am not a Type A personality, but rather a very classic Type B, I have struggled with organization a lot. My mind cannot problem solve without clear delineation of steps. So this is what I have found that works for me, 5 simple steps. Let’s walk through it, shall we?

  1. Identify the problem: simply ask yourself, what is it that is causing you stress? For me, my children were wreaking havoc upon their toy room. They constantly pulled all the books off the book shelf which lead them to tearing them up and spreading them through the living room….ok stop! One problem at a time!
  2. Contemplate a solution: Simple! Move the books out of reach of said children.
  3. Research or plan your solution: How should I move them? Where should they go? I knew I wanted them to stay in the room, so I must move them higher. So I scoured Pinterest for book shelf solutions and I found a style that I really liked. I decided upon book ledges. It was easy, cheap and fast.  You can find the tutorial and dimensions at hometalk.com
  4. Execute: Decide upon a time/plan to fulfill your solution. List your needed items send your hubby out to get those items, have him build the shelves while you supervise. Then assist him in perfect placement of shelves.
  5. Step back and awe at the results! Catch your breath and begin again!

Here is a picture of our lovely shelving system! I can’t wait to get some paint on them, but I was even more anxious to share them with you!Image-1-2



In the coming posts I will continue to show you a few other problem areas I have attacked and decluttered using my method.

So tell me, what works for you? Do you have a method you use?

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