What’s for dinner? Menu Monday

Menu Monday Pic 1-18-16

It’s Monday and the cupboards are looking a bit bare. Ever have that problem? Never fear! For some inspiration, here is what we are having this week for dinner. Click on the links below to be taken to the recipe!

Million dollar spaghetti – Garlic toast, steamed veggies

Chili & corn chips (Chili dogs the next day for lunch)

Hawaiian roll ham sliders – salad, cottage cheese, pineapple chunks

Grandma’s goulash – biscuits

Mac & Cheese – lil smokies, fruit

Homemade sub sandwiches – (Just slap it together with all your favorites, Dagwood style!) Chips, pickles, pop, cookies

One pan skillet stuffed bell peppers – cinnamon peaches, seasoned popcorn

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