Simple Stess Busters for Mama

  My husband has been working enormous amounts of overtime lately, leaving me feeling like I’m running the house singlehanded. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful that he has a job he can put Keep Reading

Chugga Chugga Two Two!

My baby bear recently turned two.  I wanted to do something special for him this time around.  For his first birthday we had family come and watch him open some presents and smash his cake Keep Reading

The 30 second solution to make your stuff POP!

 The other day I got a bit bored with looking at the same ol’ same ol’ around the house. So on a whim, I decided that things could use a “wake me up”. Without going Keep Reading

Making Snow-Capped Memories

I have a love/hate relationship with the frigid temperatures! I love the idea of snuggling in next to my heater in my slipper socks, under my favorite blanket and a hot cup of coffee to Keep Reading

Cleaner Lactation Cookies

I love clean eating. After all the holidays I fell off my routine a little, but I decided to come up with a little something my nursing mamas.  Lactation cookies! I can’t call it completely Keep Reading

Bath Bombs!

Okay, I may be a little obsessed with making my own spa products.  Recently, I posted about homemade Epsom soaks, and sugar scrubs.  This week, I decided to try bath fizzies, also referred to as Keep Reading

A Mini-Declutter Project: 2016

Last year, I went on a purging journey. I spent all spring, summer and fall combing through my belongings (and my family members’ belongings….shhhhhhhh!) and taking weekly trunk loads of stuff to the local Salvation Keep Reading

What’s for dinner? Menu Monday

It’s Monday and the cupboards are looking a bit bare. Ever have that problem? Never fear! For some inspiration, here is what we are having this week for dinner. Click on the links below to Keep Reading

Woodland One-derland

We had a real hoot celebrating my son’s first birthday party! I chose the woodland theme because it is so darn cute! This was a lot of fun to plan and put together. I’ll break Keep Reading

How I keep calm as a Mom

There are some days that everyone wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, it’s a full moon or the winds change and everything is upside down. Some days, Hubs gets called in for Keep Reading