How to salvage your poop stained baby clothes for Free!

imageThe love in my heart for my babies is indescribable. It’s a feeling that compares to no other. The snuggles and cuddles, sweet baby breath, tiny little eyes and ears and fingers and toes. It makes you wonder, is there is anything else in the world as perfect as your little baby? Their smiles and rosy cheeks and silky soft hair.

And poop.

Baby poop.

Lots and lots of baby poop.

It seems like everytime I turn around, there my baby is, making more poop. He’s a cute, poop making machine. A champion poop maker! And not only is he a champion poop factory, but 99% of those pooping episodes seem to squirt out the leg hole or slosh all the way up his back to his neck. And if he happens to be in the jumping bouncer….. well, *shudder*

imageSince I have a baby that can birth his own baby weight in poop, I have a lot of stained baby clothes.

So what’s a mama to do? Well I suppose I could just trash the really bad blowouts and try to oxyclean and stain stick the heck out of ’em. I try to buy gently used clothes whenever I can, but come on! Even that can break the bank when you can’t get more than a wear or two out of them before they’re covered in bright mustard yellow poop stains. And pre-treating all those clothes for the wash? Let’s get real. Ain’t nobody got time (or energy) fo’ that. So how DO I get those unsightly stains out of all those adorable threads?

Well, lay them in the sun, of course!

Turns out, people have been using the power of the sun to fight stains for thousands of years. The sun’s rays are such a powerful stain lifting source for baby poop that it doesn’t even necessarily need to be warm or sunny outside. I have laid stained clothes outside in cold and gloomy weather and gotten great results.

Here’s how I do it. I wash the goobed article of clothing as normal without bothering to pretreat. Next, instead of placing it in the dryer, I simply turn it inside out, exposing the source side of the stain and lay it flat outside where the sun can do its magic. If I happen to notice a stained baby item as I’m folding and putting away, I simply run the item under water to saturate and squeeze out the extra water. Then I turn it inside out and lay it in the sun. No scrubbing, pre-treating or trash tossing necessary!

Need to see to believe? I snapped a few photos of these stained baby clothes to document the progress of the sun’s stain fighting abilities.


Some of these onesies were old stains and some newer. When I first laid them out in the mid morning, it was fairly sunny. But as the day wore on, it became mostly cloudy and overcast. But as you can see, the stains continued to disappear.


After a couple hours, I did mist the stains down again with a spray bottle of water, as the water really helps to speed things up and lift stains even further. Then I let them marinate in the sun for another couple hours  


At this point, I could tell it was actually going to rain soon, so I flipped them right side out (as you can see below) and let them sit outside for another 20 minutes or so before bringing them in. Most of the stains were entirely gone. There were a couple of stains that really just needed another hour or so, wet in the sun to completely fade away. 

imageAnd there you have it. A frugal, easy way to lift diaper blow-out stains.

How do you manage baby stains at your home?

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