8 Tips for Finding Your Center When Stress Has Taken Over

You ever get so wrapped up in life that sometimes you just need a time out? When I get to that point, I’m generally so mentally taxed that I don’t even know what to do with myself when I finally get a quiet moment. It’s those times that I just need something at my fingertips to remind me how to care for myself in a fulfilling way. So I’ve come up with a simple list that I keep handy in the Notes section on my phone for moments like these, when I need some “me” time, or a personal retreat, so to speak. 

  1. Change your clothes. If I’ve been dressed up all day and feel stiff, like every angle of life is going to ruin my look, it’s taxing. Jelly fingers, baby spit up, a rain puddle, oh my. Not conducive to everyday life. Sometimes yoga pants are my knight in shining armor! On the other hand, if I’ve spent too much time in my pajamas from sunup to sundown and my waist hasn’t seen anything but elastic for days, it’s time to ditch the frumpy sweats and put something else on. It’s an immediate mood boost to not feel like a careless slob for awhile. 
  2. Let your hair down. Then massage your scalp or brush through your hair. There are so many times where my head hurts and my scalp is sore because of a tight ponytail I’ve worn all day. Get rid of the tension.
  3. Make something to drink, like some herbal tea. I can go all day without hydrating myself. It’s hard to always make the connection but feeling like a dried up prune will certainly make you cranky and feeling blah. 
  4. Turn on some jams. But not just any jams. Your favorite jams. I’m an introvert and can spend a lot of time inside my head. It honestly doesn’t come natural to me to automatically turn to music as a mood booster. I’m usually too lost in my own thoughts to think about that. And any old music playing just to play can really get on my nerves, so it has to be something that I really love, that really speaks to me, otherwise it’s just noise pollution. 
  5. Take your vitamins. Reminders are good. I always forget. 
  6. Eat something fresh. Ok, when I’m feeling maxed out, healthy anything sounds miserable. Chocolate, sugar, processed, prepackaged carbohydrates all sound amazing and nothing else will do. In fact, I practically have to force feed myself when I’m feeling this way because otherwise I will make terrible, impulsive, emotion based trashy food choices every time. 
  7. Say a prayer. Do a visual meditation. Imagine life without your luxuries. Lie down and imagine your day in a third world country. Do you wake up in the morning and have to go to the river to source water? Wash all your clothes by hand? Grind wheat to bake bread in the sun? Rely on the sun for your warmth? Bathe in cold river water once a month? Hope your child gets better because your village doesn’t have a doctor? Meet in secret and hide your bible because your faith is illegal where you live? When you open your eyes, take a look at all your luxuries around you and thank God for all you have and ask Him to remind you often of it.

This last one is a bonus. I don’t always have time to indulge in this one, but when I do, **haha** it really makes a difference.

  1. Do a major spa overhaul. Use all your special body products that usually don’t get much attention. Fill the bath with nice warm water and add your favorite soak (try Allie’s DIY soak for a real treat!) or bubbles. Light a candle. Before you get in, do a quick dry body brush. This is a great pre exfoliation and also invigorates your skin and circulation. Do the mud mask, hair mask, sugar scrub, leg shave and all. Afterwards, slather on some lotion or oil and your favorite perfume. Then paint your toes a color that pops. Because poppin’ toes are cute toes.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and refreshed you!

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