A Mini-Declutter Project: 2016

Last year, I went on a purging journey. I spent all spring, summer and fall combing through my belongings (and my family members’ belongings….shhhhhhhh!) and taking weekly trunk loads of stuff to the local Salvation Army. It was so freeing to be able to detach myself from all that clutter, however it really made me realize just how much junk we actually had stuffed in this house because honestly, we have a long way to go. Oh how it pains my heart to say so, but it’s true.

I had images of bare counters and clean lines flowing all throughout my house once I finally deemed the clutter monster slain. But one of the great life lessons I learned while completing what I now look back on as “The Great Purge,” is that decluttering is never “done.” In fact, it is a journey that will continue to ebb and flow throughout a lifetime. Holidays and gift giving will happen. Children will make 20 Valentines cards for you in January (true story). Husbands will come home with gizmos and gadgets. Grandparents will spoil your children with yet ANOTHER Happy Meal toy, dollar store item, or other whirly twirly sparkly something. So no, this decluttering business is never done. Much like laundry. Or dishes. Or mowing the lawn. Or…sigh.

Recently, I noticed after taking a few months off of slaying said clutter monster, a lot of clutter has oozed back into our daily living areas.

Yep. Time to begin again.

When starting up a declutter mission, it’s all too easy to begin attacking items that do not belong to me. Hubby’s holy socks? Obviously. Kids’ broken or unloved toys? Definitely. But while those items could use a good going through (again), this time I decided to start with my own real estate, which is much more difficult to cut ties with. But I must!

You see, clutter and me have a bad relationship. I love the idea of lots of meaningful knickknacks and history filled whatnots. But then my type A kicks in and I see it for what it all really is…clutter!! It’s time to break up.

So I decided to start with something that I dedicate too much space to that doesn’t rightly deserve it. In light of that, I decided I have too many CDs. You know, those shiny, circular disc things that play music? Yeah, I don’t know why I have them either in this digital age. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I busted out a physical cd to pop in the player. 

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Here was the game plan. I gathered all CDs together and began looking them up on Amazon Prime during the littles’ nap time. Any CDs that weren’t on Prime that I couldn’t bare to part with I kept (yes, even though I haven’t listened to it in years. I know! I know!!). Any CDs with just one song on it that I loved but wasn’t on Prime, I wrote down in my Notes on my phone so I could go back later and purchase them for free.*

I thought I would feel all sorts of anxious about ditching the hard copies for digital because each cd seemed to physically represent an epoc in my life. I could conjure many forgotten memories and feelings from each cd by just physically holding them in my hands and afterall, you can’t exactly hold digital music in your hands. It’s just not the same! I was sure I would be losing a piece of myself by doing so! But I surprised myself. It felt oh so good to be able to see that much more space on my shelves! 

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Now on to my next decluttering victim project, muahahaha.

Have you thought about purging anything lately?

*when ordering from Amazon Prime, be sure to select “No Rush Shipping” for free credits toward digital music, online movies and ebooks.

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