11 Ways to Celebrate Spring

If you’re anything like me, you spent your entire winter bemoaning the cold and dreaming of spring…and then were totally oblivious when spring actually came…12 days ago. Ahem. Okay, so I’m behind the ball here. Keep Reading

27 Side Dishes for Your Easter Dinner

In need of some Easter dinner inspiration? Apart from the traditional ham, I’ve rounded up 27 delicious side dishes that are bound to make your Easter meal a success! 1.Creamy Pea Salad :: Love Bakes Keep Reading

Reclaiming Childlike Joy and Wonder

I’m generally a stay at home kinda mom. I mean yeah, I’m a “Stay at Home Mom,” but most days I actually stay at home. Why? Be cause I’m quite the home body. The stress Keep Reading

Minimalist Easter Mantle

There is a place in my life for complicated and fancy and frills…but there is also a place for minimalism. Especially when life feels hectic. Last month, I did a Valentine’s holiday mantle that was Keep Reading

Easy Baked Pancakes for a Crowd

(This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase through my link, Amazon will pay me a commission for it. This doesn’t cost you anything additional. These commissions help to keep the rest Keep Reading

one on one time and the large(ish) family

My oldest son actually spent some time as “the middle child” before we decided to add another little monster darling to our family. Because of this, our second youngest child got “the baby of the Keep Reading

Menu Monday

It’s Monday again! Time to fill up those pantries and feel confident that dinner is planned and ready. No more worrying 15 minutes before the Witching Hour what you could possibly concoct with a jar of Keep Reading

8 Tips for Finding Your Center When Stress Has Taken Ov...

You ever get so wrapped up in life that sometimes you just need a time out? When I get to that point, I’m generally so mentally taxed that I don’t even know what to do Keep Reading

How I solved the hangry meltdown

My toddler can get squirrely in the 20 minutes or so leading up to lunch. It’s hard for him to wait for the food to be ready and it’s hard for him to find something Keep Reading

The Lunch Conundrum – What to make??

  Lunches stress me out. I usually have a plan for dinner, but for lunch, I really don’t want to cook. And menu planning for lunch has always seemed like overkill to me. The idea Keep Reading