A guide to diminishing toddler tantrums

You ever have those days where your kids are having a meltdown everywhere you look? That’s rhetorical. I know you do.  When my kids are fighting and fussing and crying and I think I’m going Keep Reading

Dinner this week:

 Here are some ideas to prompt your meal planning for this week: Sunday: Spaghetti with meat (beef/turkey) sauce and garlic toast I mix beef and turkey to cut a couple dollars on the grocery bill and Keep Reading

Weekly Menu:Dinner

   Dinner time! What’s on your menu? Need to fill some gaps? Check out these dinners for some ideas: Sunday: Meaty Lasagna with hidden veggies (add shredded carrots and chopped spinach to the sauce or Keep Reading

Combating  gastritis with clean eating

  Happy Good Friday all! Our household is still recovering from an interesting Thursday. Yesterday was a roll with the punches kind of day.  Actually, it started on Wednesday when my husband began complaining of a Keep Reading

Menu Planning Method Simplified  

   Ahhh, the favorite family question. The one I dread the most. It actually has a tendency to cause some arguments.  Hubs: “what’s for dinner?”  Me: “Well, what do we have?” Husband: “I don’t know.” Keep Reading

Simple fruit compote

      I started making this compote a few years back and since then it has worked its way into many of my favorite foods. This recipe has been so much fun to experiment with! Keep Reading

Overcoming the Obstacles of Exercise 

    When I used to think about exercising, my heart would sink. It’s hard to WANT to push your body to the limit. It’s hard to make time. Crying babies, laundry mountains, meals to prepare, Keep Reading

Stuffed Bell Peppers

  Last week, as I sat making my weekly meal plan, I was having trouble coming up with new ideas. All of a sudden, it popped into my head, stuffed bell peppers! It was something Keep Reading

Sickness Survival Tricks for Mom

     Both my kiddos and I have been hit hard with sickness this year. Usually, we all end up passing the virus through the family. This last time we got hit twice in a Keep Reading

Reframe the mundane in your life

The other day I was having a hard time with my kiddos. My oldest missed her nap and she gets weird when she hasn’t slept. She gets wild eyed and does things she wouldn’t normally Keep Reading