Air Fried Blueberry Pie

    I was scrolling through some Weight Watcher recipes, I came across one that really caught my attention. 2 Smart Point blueberry pies. Pie. Low point pie? Yes, please. How? The best invention for enjoyable weight Keep Reading

DIY Chapstick

I made the bathroom spray, and then got on the DIY train. I had to make some more chapstick. I made some last year, but I wasn’t super happy with the consistency. It worked wonderfully, Keep Reading

Bathroom Spray

It’s that time of year again. DIY Christmas presents. Last year, it was bath soaks and sugar scrubs. This year, it is bathroom spray. I’m making a DIY version on Poo Pourri. I got the Keep Reading

Party on a Budget: Cookie Monster Party!

When Elijah turned three, we were out of town on vacation. We celebrated, but when we came back, I of course, had to put together a themed party. Elijah’s favorite color is blue. He has Keep Reading

Independence Day 

We took a month off to grieve losses and focus on our families, but we are back! What does the Fourth of July look for your family?   EDIT: we took off the whole summer Keep Reading

I Stopped Making Excuses, You Can Too

“I don’t have time. It’s too hard. I don’t know how other people do it.” Getting healthy isn’t a chore. It’s a choice. If you find yourself saying you don’t have time and it’s too Keep Reading

Angel Baby

I know it’s Mother’s Day, and all you mamas should be celebrating, but I have a weight on my heart today. We planned on announcing our third pregnancy on this very special day. Things will Keep Reading

ProBio What?!

Everyone should be on a good probiotic. Why? Because a healthy gut will change you life. What makes a good probiotic? A high CFU count? Refrigeration? Nope. Those are myths in the probiotic world. Freeze Keep Reading

Dino Party: One-a-Saurus EZ!

My littlest turning one was a big deal to me. I wanted to do something really fun. We had so much going on with my first when he turned one, we had a lot of Keep Reading