Bathroom Spray

It’s that time of year again. DIY Christmas presents. Last year, it was bath soaks and sugar scrubs. This year, it is bathroom spray. I’m making a DIY version on Poo Pourri. I got the idea from blogger, Karissa a couple years back. It’s genius! 

Who wants to walk directly into a stink cloud of someone else’s aroma? I don’t even want to be subjected to my own bathroom smells, but someone else’s? Nope. I’m hoping my friends and family share the same desire as me, to walk into a fresh bathroom every time.

Bathroom Spray is made to use before you go to create a barrier. All the smell is trapped under the water for a fresher experience. All you do is shake the bottle and spray it before you go.

 I snagged the recipe from It was pretty simple. I received free spray bottles from a VIP review group, and I already had tons of essential oil, rubbing alcohol, and bottled water. I poured a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol into each two ounce bottle using a funnel.  Then I added about ten drops of essential oil. I however did an orange-ginger mix instead of the suggestion. And I added one drop of peppermint. After all, it is a great festive scent. After adding the essential oil to the rubbing alcohol, I shook the mixture and then filled the bottles just under the rim with bottled water. Distilled water was suggested, but bottled water was also listed as a good product to use. I left a small space so the user could shake the bottle better before use. I also decided to add a drop or two of food coloring so the user could have a visual of the barrier. 

Of course, I modge podged labels on each bottle, and added some glitter tape. My labels bled, so they aren’t as pretty, but I decided to leave it. They could have been much prettier. But they do their job! I added some user instructions as well.

For 2 Ounce Bottles

  • 1 T Rubbing Alcohol 
  • 10-15 Drops Essential Oil of Your Choosing
  • Fill with Distilled or Bottled Water 
  • Add a couple drops of food coloring for a visible barrier.
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