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What is the Breast Pad Ever? Well it’s the best breast pad on the market. The padding is thick. The shape is perfect for the contour of the breast. And the texture holds the breast pad in place for optimal coverage. There are two colors to choose from, nude and black. Perfect choices. 
I’m excited that I finally found this, the best breast pad ever…or shall I say The Breast Pad Ever. I recently decided to try this amazing breast pad. This breast pad is functional and comfortable. The breast pad absorbs more leaking milk than any other reusable pad I have used. The Breast Pad Ever puts disposable breast pads to shame, in my opinion. I can’t believe I ever used disposable! This pad was necessary when I found out I was pregnant and still nursing. I love that the Breast Pad Ever provides such an amazing cushion. It has been impossible for me to find breast pads that don’t give a weird shape to my chest through a nursing bra. When I saw this, I knew I had to have it. Also, these bad boys have helped with the unevenness that comes with nursing. You know what I’m talking about. These are easy to move aside to nurse. The shape helps me place them correctly to utilize the functionality. image

I have had so many issues with breast pads that slide around, or bunch up. This one actually works! It doesn’t bunch up. It doesn’t slide. I haven’t leaked through it at all. I plan to add more of these to my nursing collection the next time I have a newborn. I love the support. I recommend these to all my nursing friends. These are a great way to save considering they can be cleaned and reused.  It is nice to be able to slide them over to latch, or to pull them right out during a nursing section.  These nursing pads are by far my favorite so far.image

I feel like every mama needs to look into all options. I think when we have the option of reusable versus disposable, we should all try to conserve and reuse. That being said, I highly recommend these particular reusable pads for the shape and comfort. I’ve tried some other alternatives, just rounded cloth, maybe a line sewed in to help the shape. Those are nothing in comparison to the Breast Pad Ever. Try them out!  My little guy even approves!


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