Brown Sugar Coffee Scrub



Who loves a good homemade sugar scrub? I know I do! I love making scrubs for my spa nights. This week, I decided to add a little coffee. Caffeine combats cellulite. As I’m losing weight, I’m also losing cellulite, but I decided to try to help it along.  You can make your own in under five minutes, so join me!

I have a major stock pile of oils that are perfect carriers for essential oil sugar scrubs, so I decided to test them out with the coffee. I figured I would add some Tea Tree oil for the effects it has on skin. However, the scent is not my favorite, so I tested out only adding one drop, and it was fine. I gathered some rosehip oil, brown sugar, coffee grounds, some vanilla, and my essential oils. Olive oil or fractioned coconut oil would work perfectly as well.

Peppermint would make this a festive Christmas gift.image

I typically make my scrubs and soaks in bulk, but for my coffee scrubs, I like to make a jar at a time. Coffee scrubs are amazing, but they are messy. Totally worth it, but I usually use them for a few weeks, and then take a break. The coffee scrubs I have purchased in the past, were just as messy, so I may as well make them myself and save money.

Anyway. Now I have all my ingredients. I pour in one tablespoon of my rosehip oil, then add one drop of Tea Tree oil. Here is where you can save some money, you can use coffee grounds, straight from the pot. Today, for demonstration purposes, I just used my coffee from the container. But I like using my left over grounds much better. Add two tablespoons of coffee grounds, then two packed tablespoons of brown sugar. To enhance the scent of the coffee and brown sugar, I add a teaspoon of vanilla. Then it is ready to go!

Since this scrub can be a little messy, I don’t use it in the bubble bath. Not that you can’t, I just don’t. I like to use my coffee scrubs in the shower. You can try so many combinations. Add your favorite essential oils and try some out today! What do you put in your coffee scrub?

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Brown Sugar Coffee Scrub
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  1. 1 T Oil-I Used Rosehip.
  2. 2 T Coffee Grounds
  3. 2 T Brown Sugar
  4. 1 t Vanilla Extract
1 Drop Essential Oil
  1. Tea Tree, I like to use this one.
  2. Wintergreen
  3. Lavender
  4. Peppermint
  5. The Possibilities Are Endless
  1. Stir Together And Enjoy!
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