Building on an Old Tradition: The Christmas Eve Box

The Christmas Eve Box Main Pic 12-21-2015Growing up, my mom knew how to do Christmas. There would be heaps and heaps of wrapped gifts under the tree, just waiting for my sister and me to tear into them with excitement. Every year, my sister and I would beg our mom to let us open a gift early on Christmas Eve. After what seemed like endless pestering, she would finally relent. We would be so giddy, shaking gift boxes, weighing them in our hands, sizing them up trying to gauge which one would be the best to open before bed on Christmas Eve.

Now that I am grown and have my own littles to play Santa for, I am excited to put my own spin on the Christmas Eve gift tradition. Have you seen a little thing floating around on Pinterest called The Night Before Christmas Box? I’ve also seen it called The Christmas Eve Box. Basically, the idea here is to fill a box with something special that the children can use that night in anticipation of Christmas day. I’ve seen suggestions like a book to read before bed, a new set of pajamas, or a Christmas movie to watch together.

This year, I am including matching jammies for the boys (oh yes, I’m That Mom) fun Christmas patterned socks, some homemade hot cocoa mix, mini marshmallows, candy canes, Santa hats and elf ears, popcorn for the older kiddos and frosted animal crackers for the toddler. I also made a little Christmas movie ticket, good for renting a movie on Amazon, and their own sappy Christmas cards from mom and dad. I’m a little behind this year but next year I would really like to incorporate some religious items in the box for them to reflect on the meaning of Christmas. Maybe some Christmas books about Jesus and a bookmark with scripture? I have a whole year ahead of me to think about it, I suppose.

Christmas Box Collage 12-21-2015


Do you have any additional ideas for the Christmas Eve Box? What is your favorite Christmas Eve tradition?

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