Easy Pico de Gallo With A Twist

I love having fresh fruits and vegetables in the house.  Sometimes, I’m overwhelmed with how to use everything, but if I don’t have them, it’s hard to eat well.  Growing up, my mom always loaded Keep Reading

Clean Chicken Strips

A new week, a new clean recipe!  It’s the middle of the week, maybe you ran out of dinner ideas.  I have one the whole family can enjoy! I start to get tired of the Keep Reading

Clean Sauce/Dip

Clean Dipping Sauce 2016-03-02 00:20:12 Clean dipping sauce for clean chicken strips. Write a review Save Recipe Print Total Time 2 min Total Time 2 min Ingredients 1 small can Salt Free Tomato Paste 1 Keep Reading

Clean, No-Bake, Lactation Cookie Balls

I am constantly cleaning up my meals and snacks. I love making my recipes healthier by simply making more at home, using whole ingredients. I made clean lactation cookies a few weeks ago, which really Keep Reading

Clean Whole Wheat Tortillas

I recently started Plexus products and my body is finally feeling healthy. Eating the junk just doesn’t feel right. It seems so difficult to cook everything from scratch. I am discovering it actually comes quite Keep Reading

Cleaner Lactation Cookies

I love clean eating. After all the holidays I fell off my routine a little, but I decided to come up with a little something my nursing mamas.  Lactation cookies! I can’t call it completely Keep Reading

Cream Cheese Pizza Bites (With Clean Dough Recipe)

I have the pickiest eater.  No, not my two year old. Not my nine month old.  MY HUSBAND. I am constantly try to impress him with the cooking that has impressed many people in my Keep Reading