Taming the shoe jungle

With a larger than average family of six, we tend to have a bit of a shoe problem. And by a bit, I mean that’s an under exaggeration. We have shoes for daaaaaaayz dude, and Keep Reading

Conquering the Cord Clutter!

You ever get discouraged at the thought of accomplishing what should be a simple task, only to realize that your unattended clutter will inevitably cause 3x more the work? When you have to move this Keep Reading

Pesky Puzzle Solution No. 2: Chunky Puzzles

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A Mini-Declutter Project: 2016

Last year, I went on a purging journey. I spent all spring, summer and fall combing through my belongings (and my family members’ belongings….shhhhhhhh!) and taking weekly trunk loads of stuff to the local Salvation Keep Reading

Big Purse Clutter Cleanout

My grandma loved big purses. In fact, I remember during one our family famous post-Christmas marathon shopping experiences, she found a purse that was actually three purses sewn together into one! She, of course, had Keep Reading

Cheap & easy cloth diaper storage solution

 Remember one of my first posts when I shared about small space living and creating new space to solve a problem? Well, here’s another one: For all you mamas that cloth diaper, you know how Keep Reading

A New Year, A New Resolution

I’ve heard and tried all the tips and tricks from the experts for making it easier and simpler for children to keep their toys picked up. Separate with bins, they say. Use clear totes, they Keep Reading

The Puzzle Problem and How to Solve It

I admit it. I have a serious love-hate relationship with puzzles. Anyone else have the same problem? When I am out holiday shopping, for some reason,  I always get it in my head that puzzles Keep Reading

How to keep your head on straight with a clean house

In my last post I introduced you to my decluttering method, today we are going to continue that journey, but head in a little bit different direction. As a mother of 2 busy little ones, Keep Reading

5 step solution to organizing your home and declutterin...

  Small space living can be tough. With a family that is growing and a home that is not, I have been learning the tricks of the trade. Space is a coveted thing around here! Keep Reading