Reframe the mundane in your life

The other day I was having a hard time with my kiddos. My oldest missed her nap and she gets weird when she hasn’t slept. She gets wild eyed and does things she wouldn’t normally Keep Reading

10 Insights to prepare you and your child for their ton...

Recently, my oldest son had the pleasure of having a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. While it was no doubt the best thing for him, it’s been a slow go in the way of recovery. And while Keep Reading

Simple Stess Busters for Mama

  My husband has been working enormous amounts of overtime lately, leaving me feeling like I’m running the house singlehanded. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful that he has a job he can put Keep Reading

How I keep calm as a Mom

There are some days that everyone wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, it’s a full moon or the winds change and everything is upside down. Some days, Hubs gets called in for Keep Reading

Surviving the Winter by Choosing Happiness

It always seems like around this time of year, post-holiday season, I get a serious case of the winter blues. After weeks of overindulgence in rich foods, sweet treats, comfort and too much socialization, it’s Keep Reading

Tips and Techniques to Quiet Your Mind

Alright mama, it’s been a long day of chasing kiddos around, kissing boo boos, calming tantrums, breaking up fights, and trying to keep oneself sane, right?  After all that, your body says LAY DOWN! So Keep Reading

My Family’s Breakfast Routine and Why It Works fo...

I have a confession to make. My children and I have a breakfast routine. It’s true. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we eat oatmeal. On Tuesday and Thursday, we have the choice of either a Keep Reading

Success During Nap Time

I find myself wanting to just kick back and surf the net while my kids are sleeping. But discipline helps me run a strong household. Cleaning schedules really help you stay on track. I wake Keep Reading

How to Have a Successful Nap Time.

With two little boys, 2 and under, nap time is crucial. Routine is everything. I have learned that a routine is an evolving process. But once it hits noon, and my boys are rubbing their Keep Reading

How to Transition Your Kids from Chaos to Calm at Bedti...

A while back, I noticed my children were having a hard time transitioning from the hustle bustle of  the day to settling down in their beds. All the expert advice told us to keep the Keep Reading