Cleaner Lactation Cookies

I love clean eating. After all the holidays I fell off my routine a little, but I decided to come up with a little something my nursing mamas.  Lactation cookies! I can’t call it completely Keep Reading

Cream Cheese Pizza Bites (With Clean Dough Recipe)

I have the pickiest eater.  No, not my two year old. Not my nine month old.  MY HUSBAND. I am constantly try to impress him with the cooking that has impressed many people in my Keep Reading

Stove Top Macaroni Made Easy

      We learned how to make breakfast go a little smoother earlier this week.  Is it possible to have an easy lunch plan too?  For a long time, I thought all I could Keep Reading

Dry Bulk Oatmeal Recipe On the Cheap

As mentioned last week, a big part of our morning routine includes oatmeal because it’s quick, it’s filling, and it’s CHEAP. Although there are several ways we enjoy eating our oatmeal (check out our Oatmeal Keep Reading

Super-charged ginger tea elixir

Have you heard all the benefits of ginger tea? Ginger has been renown as an age old remedy for its anti inflammatory healing properties. It is great for nausea too! Add some lemon, and now Keep Reading

Cheesy & Creamy Ham and Potato Soup

‘Tis the season of chilly days and even chillier nights, and everyone needs a hot bowl of soup to warm their insides. I have the perfect one! Simple, creamy, and chunky all cooked down into Keep Reading

Birthday Save!

 What to do, what to do… My husband turns 28 and I have NOTHING ready. I have a million ideas, and no how I can execute with him here or with him at work. When Keep Reading