Cheap & easy cloth diaper storage solution

 Remember one of my first posts when I shared about small space living and creating new space to solve a problem? Well, here’s another one:

For all you mamas that cloth diaper, you know how much room those diapers can take up! Even more so if you have more than one kiddo in them!
When I started cloth diapering, I tried to find different places to store them. I never even realized how much more space I would need.
After stuffing stacks in a drawer, on a shelf, even piling them on my changing table, it was clear that none of those places were gonna hold the diapers in an organized fashion. That’s when I came across an over the door pocket storage thing I hadn’t found a use for, and it clicked.
I just roll up each of the diapers and stuff one in each pocket. I also roll up my extra liners and do the same. Problem solved! I love a cheap storage trick! I now have my shelf space and the drawers back for other uses. And I can see exactly how many diapers I have clean.

So how about you? How do you keep your diapers neat and organized?

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