Christmas Joy with the Littles

Christmas crafts!  Christmas crafts can be fun. They don’t always have to be an inconvenient disaster. Try out a couple that we did! We did our crafts in just a few minutes with lots of paper. And with baby wipes ready for action. Maybe even get the bath ready to toss kids in for fast and fun clean up.

We all look to Pinterest for cute little Christmas crafts. I don’t know about you, but mine never turn out as perfect as the ones floating around.

This year I wasn’t worried about all of that. I did have a few fails before getting them display worthy. I have found that my kids being different ages, meant we had to do different crafts. My littlest is now eight months old. So his hands are always grabbing, and they never stop moving. I found a solution!

Footprints. I couldn’t get a flawless footprint even though his feet were much easier to maneuver. But I did get two little footprints good enough for “mistletoes”.

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It was simple. Green ink didn’t work, so I dug out some safe green paint. And rushed to get his feet down and scrubbed off before they made it to his mouth.

My two year old, however could not keep his feet still long enough for me to get a decent print. But I used what I had to write a little Christmas love message for Daddy.

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I found that my baby bear had a lot more fun this year having his little hands painted. After many trials, I got a wonderful hand print.

Then I looked at his little print and had no idea how to put it together for a great Christmas craft. His Christmas theme turned out to be “love”. He is such a sweet boy, why not have all of his crafts reflect that? We had so much fun painting different parts of his hand to spell out “LOVE” for Mommy.

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These crafts didn’t turn out perfect like everyone else’s seem to. I would consider them “a Pinterest fail”. But upon looking at them, I can’t help but to smile. We had so much fun making them. Looking at them all I hear are the giggles that came as the foam brush painted their feet. I see the smiles when the paint was applied to little fingers and hands. This Christmas craft, brought joy to our family. 

I recommend having the littles in just a diaper for this. No matter how careful you might be, you are working with babies. And they have minds of their own. I recommend you wearing something that you wouldn’t mind getting paint or ink on just in case. Have fun, get messy, and create! I repeat, have fun! Get messy! And create! These are memories that you can keep forever to remember the tiny hands that cling to you and the tiny feet that occasionally step on your toes.  They grow so fast. Share your little creations!

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