Combating  gastritis with clean eating

Happy Good Friday all! Our household is still recovering from an interesting Thursday. Yesterday was a roll with the punches kind of day. 

Actually, it started on Wednesday when my husband began complaining of a stomach ache. Wednesday evening it progressed into severe stomach cramps and vomiting. By Thursday morning it was clear he needed to be checked out. Our doctor directed us to the emergency room as our first stop. 

I don’t know about the emergency rooms near you, but any one I’ve ever been to takes hours. Don’t get me wrong, I am SO GRATEFUL to have them, but I am equally grateful when a trip to the doctors office is better suited. 

Anyway, 4 hours later, after lots of waiting, several tests and a loopy medicated husband, low and behold, the problem is deemed to be gastritis. Vague. 

After some research, it seems that gastritis is an inflammation of the lining of the stomach. This can happen from any number of things. Prolonged use of pain medication-like ibuprofen, high acidity diet, stress, bacterial infection or a virus to name a few. 

In our case, they do not know what caused it. You see, my husband has some bad habits-coffee, specifically. Lots and lots of coffee. Also, he has had to take a great deal of ibuprofen due to battles with persistent migraines and prolonging some much needed root canals. However, we have also had a bout of upset tummy with the kids, so it could also be viral. Either way, whatever it may be, it is clear we need to make a change. 

So how do we treat it? In order for the stomach to heal you must adopt a bland diet for a few days. After which, you can add foods back, but identify and eliminate triggers. Triggers can include, not only acidic foods and drinks (like coffee. sigh.) but also spicy and greasy foods as well as carbonated drinks. Like soda. Boo. Nice knowing ya’ drive thru.   

Many of you don’t know this, but my husband has an extensive culinary background. He almost got a degree in it, but it has since become a hobby. (Yay me!)

Although, he is wonderful at cooking many styles of food, comfort food is commonplace in our diet. Cream based soups, pasta and garlic bread, bacon+bacon+more bacon. Yes. 

However, now we must revamp our eating habits we have decided to join Allie and adopt more of a clean eating lifestyle. Many of the foods recommended for gastritis include most fruits and veggies-things low in acid, nuts, grains and proteins. Dairy is a maybe. Some stomachs can tolerate it, others cannot. Most foods are trial and error until we find what works for him. 

While it was unfortunate that my poor husband had to endure this, it was the push we needed to make the change. 
I suppose that’s how it has to happen sometimes. Deep breath. Here we go…Please stay tuned for progress, not perfection (at least from me).

So have you had to change your diet because of gastritis or the like? What worked for you?

*Please note: this post is intended for informational purposes only and is not intended to be used in lieu of a medical opinion. Please consult your physician. 

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