Dinner this week:

 Here are some ideas to prompt your meal planning for this week:

Sunday: Spaghetti with meat (beef/turkey) sauce and garlic toast I mix beef and turkey to cut a couple dollars on the grocery bill and cut the grease too. I don’t like ground turkey much, so this way the flavor is masked with beef, seasoning and sauce. Win. 

Monday: Salisbury steak, steamed vegetable medley, cinnamon peaches

Tuesday: Beef/turkey enchiladas with red enchilada sauce

Wednesday: Chicken Philly cheesesteaks  with baked sweet potato fries and pears

Thursday: Omelet-bacon, spinach, onion, cheese and strawberry, banana, pineapple mix

Friday: Fish sticks, cottage cheese, baked beans, cinnamon peaches

Saturday: Chicken stir-fry (I use a seasoning packet and frozen veggies to make it quick and easy), rice, mandarin oranges 

I’m really looking forward to the cheesesteaks this week! What are you having? 


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