Dino Party: One-a-Saurus EZ!

My littlest turning one was a big deal to me. I wanted to do something really fun. We had so much going on with my first when he turned one, we had a lot of fun, but no theme. I always regretted that. I made it up to him with his Chugga Chugga Two-Two party for his second birthday. I just love themed parties. When Ezrah was nearing one, I decided a dinosaur theme just fit him.


Decorating for our Dinosaur party took quite a while. But it was simple. About three months before the party, I had a couple of hours to myself to really dive in and make them. I prepped by making jungle leaves with Angela while the kids ran wild and we clucked away like hens.image Then I was able to use burlap to create some easy banners. I even used my leftover burlap as a table runner under the food. Craft paper helped make dramatic vines. I used a plastic table cover on the counter with the party punch, some of my pre made leaves, some wall stickers from the dollar store, small craft tree slices, and a dinosaur ladle for the punch, and some little plastic dinosaurs to spread around and top the cupcakes with. Everything can be reused for other things.image

Dishes were easy. I got three large plastic bowls and two plastic platters to match the colors of the theme that I can reuse. I did finger foods, so no utensils needed. Though I had some plastic utensils on hand I put out, just in case. I received a free box of biodegradable paper straws that I was able to use for the theme. Karissa brought over her mason jar drinking glasses for the adults. All the little ones used their own sippy cups their parents brought for them.


The food was really easy. I made all the cupcakes and the smash cake ahead of time and froze them. Karissa decorated them the morning of the party. When I woke up, the first thing I did was prepare the cream cheese frosting. It’s so easy. All you need is cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla (cocoa powder for the chocolate frosting). It took about 10 minutes to whip up the vanilla cream cheese frosting and the chocolate cream cheese frosting.image

Easter was last month, so when the candy went on sale, I swooped up some to put out as dinosaur eggs. We had some dinosaur fruit snacks, so I tossed those out too. Sam’s Club has 5 pounds of dinosaur chicken nuggets, so we got two. Thank God! We went through almost all of them! We had 5 guests unable to attend at the last minute, or else we would have used them all. I put out wavy potato chips as “dinosaur scales”, and Bugles for “dinosaur claws”. So all of that was really simple. We started the nuggets about 15 minutes before the party. Everything else went straight into their bowls with no effort. The snack that took some time, we made the day before and kept sealed, “dinosaur bones”. Dinosaur bones were some white chocolate covered pretzel sticks with marshmallows on the ends. They are really easy to make, just time consuming.

Dino food

My punch was supposed to be Polar Ice Hawaiian Punch mixed with Squirt. I sent the hubby to the store. He grabbed the more blue Hawaiian Punch remembering I wanted it for the last party, but the store didn’t carry it at that time. He meant well. It wasn’t a huge deal, so I stuck with the blue, but it was very tasty anyway! Instead of green “Jurassic Juice”, I had blue Jurassic Juice. I found that adding the 2 liter of Squirt first, then the Hawaiian Punch, was the simplest way to go about it.

Favors one a Saurus

Party favors were really simple and fun. I only did so much, because I did them early. I decorated some baby food containers, and made labels for Dinosaur Fossils (Bath bombs) and Dino Dough (play dough). In the Fossils container, I added some of those capsules that dissolve into little sponge dinosaurs that I saw at the dollar tree. I only added them to the containers of the kids that were not at risk of trying to eat them. For the older kids, I also added some little dinosaur puzzles that glow. My favorite were the dinosaur crayons. We had A TON of extra crayons. So I used a cheap mold and made some dinosaur crayons and put them in the Easter eggs that we had just accumulated. Then I printed a mini coloring page for the kids. I had so much fun adding dinosaur names onto paper bags for each of the kids.

I did have to get a special “OnesSaurus” T-shirt made locally. It turned out great! Divinely Vinyl



image I know my son won’t remember any of this. But I had so much fun celebrating one of the greatest days of my life. My children’s birthdays are so special to me. I can’t help but to really make it fun! We had such a blast seeing everyone. I love to throw parties now! It takes a lot until you have a nice little party supply stock. After that, it gets much easier. Now I can’t wait for Elijah’s third birthday. The planning is already in the works!  What fun themes have you used birthday parties?


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