DIY Banner


Creating banners can be easy for some. I am not crafty. I can’t cut straight lines. I don’t have cute handwriting. But they are too cute not to have. I got some burlap, black card stock, and I already had scissors, a hot glue gun with hot glue, and chalk markers.

I created three banners with triangles and two with squares. The trick is to keep everything the exact same shape and size. I winged it. I cut the first one out, and tried to match it. The easier way is to use some cardboard or even card stock to create a template. Then trace out all of your pieces. Luckily, I used mine for a jungle theme, so the wonky banners kind of worked. Once all of your pieces are cut out, it’s time to put some words on.

I used a template to cut circles out of black card stock. I used black to really make the bright letters pop. Then I used a chalk marker to write each letter. Chalk markers are like paint markers, so you have to let them dry for a few minutes so they don’t smear. Then I used a hot glue gun to stick them onto the burlap pieces. Remember to leave some space because you will need to fold the top to create a space to string it with jute or whatever you decide to use. What’s nice about using hot glue, is that it’s noncommittal, but really holds up. So you can reuse your banner over and over, adding or subtracting pieces to fit your needs.

After the letters are on, you are ready to prep your banner for the string. All I did was leave some pace at the top and created a fold to give space to get some string through. You want enough space to get a skewer or pen through. One at a time, I made a line on the back of my piece with hot glue, then pulled the top of the piece down to the line of glue. After all of that, I was ready to string.

I took a pen, and tapped my jute to it. Then I fished the line of jute through each burlap piece. Mission complete.

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