DIY Jungle Leaves

imageJungle leaves are easy to make once you get the hang of it. I found that it is really cool if you use more than one shade of green. I used a forest green, and a lime green construction paper set. Walmart had little packs of individual colors for $.88. I only needed a package of each. So for around two dollars, I had plenty to make my jungle. I had some twine that helped give a vine like feel. And a paper punch to string the leaves.

First, I cut out all my leaf shapes. I did numerous sizes. To make them all symmetrical, I folded the paper in half before cutting:

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Next, I kept the leaf shape folded, and cut out small triangles, top to bottom. This took trial and error. Really, you can’t mess it up:

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After that, I use my paper hole punch, toward the top of each leaf. I left out a few to sprinkle around the house for the party. :

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Lastly, I was able to slide each leaf onto the twine to create a string of jungle leaves.


For this activity you can use any kind of leaf shape to fit your theme. I just needed jungle leaves for our dinosaur party.

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