DIY Sugar Scrub

Let the Christmas crafts commence! I will be doing my next couple of blog posts sharing tutorials and our fun Christmas crafts. I was racking my brain for months trying to figure out how to give gifts to my huge family without breaking the bank. I love DIY projects, but often times, they are so pricey, that I may as well have gone out and bought everyone something. This week I will share my recipe and tutorial for my favorite homemade sugar scrub.

I have looked at recipes over the years and saw so many variations that I was afraid mine wouldn’t turn out well. I decided just to wing it. With some simple ingredients many of us have laying around the house, you can make the perfect sugar scrub. I used sugar, olive oil, some of my favorite essential oils, and some food coloring (which is optional). I did go out and get a couple sets of mason jars so I wouldn’t have to part with mine. Decorating just required mod podge, scissors, and scrap book paper. I had all of that on hand already. Two years ago, I bought a holiday scrapbook paper set sold at Walmart for just a couple dollars. That paper has come in handy for a ton of DIY projects, and I still have plenty left for more!
Let’s get to it!

Making the scrub was super easy. I just had to use a little trial and error to get the scrub to the right consistency. I used about ¼ of a cup of oil and two cups of sugar. You don’t need much oil at all. Stir it all together and get your essential oils ready. I did peppermint since it is seasonal, and orange ginger as well. You can use any combination you would like! It is fun to play around with. You don’t need much. One batch only needs a few drops, ten max. When using two oils, I split up the drops. So if you use 10 drops, with two oils, five drops of each would go in. Stir well. Lastly, if you want some color to the oil, drop in a couple drops of food coloring and then stir well again. That’s it! It can’t be that easy can it? Yes. It can. And it is. I wish I would have been making this for myself all this time! I had plenty left to test it on myself. It is wonderful! I used the quarter cup measuring cup to scoop the scrub into each jar. This recipe makes about three full 8 ounce jars.

Decorating was a breeze. And I am not the least bit artistic despite what my kind family tries to say. The only thing I wish I had done differently would be to print out my labels on the computer instead of handwriting. You can use computer paper and add labels over the scrap book paper very easily, my computer just didn’t feel like printing while I made these. Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right? I traced the outer part of the mason jar lid so I could decorate the inside circle.  Let me show you:Mod podge

Next I cut out ovals to label the front on the jar. I used a fine tip sharpie (here is where the computer may come in handy if your also suffer from awful handwriting) and wrote what I wanted to on the label. You can write the scent, or “sugar scrub”, or whatever you want. Then I smeared some mod podge onto the inside circle of the lid and on the front of the jar. Next, I placed my paper on the mod podged areas, then painted over them with more mod podge. That’s it! I made several jars, and got a set of scrubs filled and decorated while the kids napped.

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