Give Yourself A Break!


What do you do to relax? How does a stay at home mom so such a thing? Or any mom for that matter. I stay home with my kids. That means, no breaks. I do love most of it. But of course, when my two year old is peeling all the paper off of his crayons, and dropping tiny pieces of paper all over my freshly swept floor, and my 11 month old is crying because he can’t eat that paper, I just look at them, and think, why am I doing this?
If I was working, I could get that new pair of running shoes I’ve been needing. I could buy some nice new couches.  I could have more nice things.   But, the thought of spending my boys to day care breaks my heart. So, I will go without. I’ll stay in the madness, and lose some sanity while I watch these two precious little monsters grow. But how can I relax when I don’t get a moment to myself until they finally go to bed?

I lose sleep. Over the months, I have learned to make relaxing bath soaks, stress relieving sugar scrubs, coffee scrubs (recipe coming next Wedneday, stay tuned!), and even rejuvenating bath bombs. These recipes seriously take two minutes to make. Over the course of several nap times, I have created a stock of spa night essentials.


Once the kids are in bed, I’m running to the bathroom, favorite nail polish in hand, and locking the door to finally get some peace and quiet.

I drop a frankincense bath bomb into the hot, running water. Sprinkle some of my peppermint-lavender Epsom mixture. And just sit. I let the hot water wash off my makeup and I just relax. Shave my legs. Lather myself in my sugar scrub and I just erase all of my thoughts. If you have never used a sugar scrub on freshly shaved legs, you don’t know what you’re missing. I slather on my Dead Sea mud mask, and apply a thin coat of nail polish.  If you are looking for a Dead Sea mud mask that doesn’t smell like someone scooped it straight from the sea, First Botany makes the best.  I get mine on Amazon.  It is amazing.

Slowly. I allow positive energy to take over, and I reflect on the good parts of the day. My baby boys laughing and playing. My two year old jumping for joy when I come back into the room from getting him a snack, greeted with, “Mommy, I’m so happy to see you!” My 11 month old shrieking with joy, along side him, acting like I’ve been gone for days. In the moment, I want to roll my eyes. I’ve been with you all day, and you’re happy to see me? But I kiss his head and tell him I’m happy to see him too. I really am. I love my boys so much.


But in my moment of reflection, I really appreciate every aspect of my day. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Because I get to see it all. These moments fly by so fast, and I am getting to enjoy all of them. I saw my second baby crawl for the first time. I heard his first word. I was there for all the firsts. I had to work when I had my older son. I decided with the second, I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t realize how hard it would be, but I love it. In my peaceful moments, I can really see that.
After my reflection, I rinse my face, and my sugar scrubbed skin. Apply another coat of polish, and make a mental goal list. What can I do to make tomorrow the best day it can be? I plan meals and snacks, and some fun activities to keep us moving throughout the day. Plan my time to spend on my business. This really does ease my tension.

Occasionally, I skip the reflection, and catch up on my favorite shows that I’ve been behind on.  There is no way to watch Pretty Little Liars with babies.  It just doesn’t work.

After all this, I get out, I dry off, and crawl into bed quietly and ask the hubby for a back rub. I catch up on words with friends, Facebook, and I blog.

All this rambling was supposed to have a point. I have to create my own me time. Sometimes that means staying up late. But it’s something all moms need. Create your own spa products to give you something to look forward to. Create your own you time. Lock yourself in the bathroom away from everyone and give yourself a break. My kids are clingy, so if I do this before bed time, they ruin my relaxation by crying for me through the door. Hubby just lets them. He knows it means I’ll come out faster. How do you find time in all the chaos to just give yourself a moment?

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