How to keep your head on straight with a clean house

clean house and keep your headIn my last post I introduced you to my decluttering method, today we are going to continue that journey, but head in a little bit different direction. As a mother of 2 busy little ones, I am always searching for ways to keep my head on straight; remember to tackle that mountain of laundry, take out the trash, pay the bills, and plan the week’s menu, all while taking care of the kiddos and burning a pizza in the oven.  I realized I needed to implement a daily task list.  In order to keep this as simple as possible, I started by making a list of the different rooms in my home and the upkeep they require.  I also added in some typical weekly tasks I struggle to keep up on, but must perform because they make my life more manageable. The goal here is to split up the cleaning into a room each day, alongside some other tasks that tie in and of course your daily tasks.

Let me be clear: I am not the type of person who gets a thrill out of cleaning, however I have noticed that the cleaner things are, the happier I am and the easier it is for me to keep up on.  I mean, who really WANTS to clean the litter boxes 3 times a week? But, when I go in and there is only a few clumps of litter to shovel out not an expedition, that does give me a thrill. And it means less time hovering over a litter box like its a sandbox treasure hunt. Ok, moving on.

In order to keep a clean home, I have to vacuum/sweep, dust and swiffer each room and of course some extra cleaning for the bathroom. So those tasks go under each room (day).

In order to keep my home running smoothly, I have to pay bills, manage my budget, meal plan and make a grocery list. Sounds like an office/finances day!

I also like to keep up on what is in my pantry and what needs to be used for my meal planning, so that gets thrown in with cleaning the laundry room, because that is where we keep some extra food, and neither is a big task. Laundry room day! So while we are at it, we will sweep and swiffer the laundry room.

Now, the kids room has to be tidied and their sheets need to be changed, so I add vacuuming, and dusting, and now we have a kid’s room day. The same goes for my room, so now we have a master bedroom day.

The kids playroom has to be dusted, vacuumed and organized and THAT is a day’s work.

The bathroom also has to be cleaned, so we add the sink, toilet, tub, and floor on its own day.

There we have 6 days, and one for fun and rest. But there are also some things that have to be done a few times a week. So those get divided between days. I have to do take out the trash and do everyone’s laundry as well as the house laundry like sheets, towels, and wash cloths. So lets split those up to get at least one load of laundry done each day. If applicable, I just designate the laundry that corresponds to the room I am cleaning.

I also have to wash diapers and as we discussed, the litter box has to be cleaned a few times a week also.  These jobs are both very disgusting, and I knew I wouldn’t want to do more than one disgusting task in a day, or I would avoid it, so I decided I would try to alternate the days.

Lastly, there are some things that have to be done each day, such as dishes, vacuuming the living room, sweeping the kitchen and the dining room so I made a section for that as well.

So this is how you can keep your home running smoothly, and clean without spending all day tackling a mountain of laundry, and forgetting about the burning pizza.

I came up with a fun printable of my task list, because a cute printable makes everything better.daily cleaning tasksdownload here:

cleaning tasks

How about you? How do you keep your house clean and your head on straight?

cleaning tasks

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