Independence Day 

We took a month off to grieve losses and focus on our families, but we are back!
What does the Fourth of July look for your family?  

EDIT: we took off the whole summer and I forgot to ever post this so I’m doing it anyway!

Let’s start with the third. This year, to us, it looks like chasing our newly potty trained toddler around, asking him if he has to potty all day and all night while trying to be a part of the event.
Who knew, when your kid is in underwear, it’s way more stressful than when they are in a diaper. We have been waiting for this day since we realized how much work it is changing diapers 24/7. Even more so with two in diapers for the last 14 months. Going to the events turns into a a game of “is it potty time?” or are they being honest that they don’t really have to go.  How can you not have to go after chugging 8 ounces of water?! We have to wonder if he is too busy calling out colors of fireworks to realize he really has to go. We worry about the excitement getting the best of our potty expert.  But we have to trust him. Then we load up into the car we continue to verify, “do you have to go?”. The answer is always no. 

Until we start to drive away. 

“I have to go potty NOW.” Okay tired toddler. Now we are contemplating whether or not this is a ploy to avoid going home and going to bed.  At least, we are prepared. We pull over just after making a break for it and let him go. Thank God for tinted windows and a very loved froggy potty. 

Moral of the story: Always bring a potty with a learning toddler if you have no access to public restrooms. 

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Fourth of July!

How was your holiday?

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