It’s Party Time! Nautical Baby Shower

It’s baby shower time!

I was recently asked to help put together a baby shower. Being a stay at home mom, my funds were low, but I accepted the offer. After all, it was time to celebrate a wonderful mama and her soon to arrive, little man.  Time slips away quickly when you are racing a due date. We needed to figure out simple food, beverages, and an adequate space for this shower. I began brainstorming as we waited on guests to RSVP.

I was told no theme was necessary, but I just couldn’t let that go. I wanted a theme after seeing how fun themes can make a party. So I ran the idea by the mama to be, and got the green light. After some deliberation with two of my fellow bloggers, Angela and Karissa, we decided on a nautical themed baby shower.

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The mama to be’s sister had put together some lovely baby shower gifts, game prizes, and even some fantastic baby shower games. She did so much.  So I took it upon myself, with the help of Karissa and Angela, to pull everything together with the nautical them.

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I stumbled upon the idea to make sail boat cup cakes. I decided to use chocolate chips for some extra pizazz. I simply flour the chocolate chips before mixing them into the batter to help them float in the cupcake without sinking to the bottom. Mini chocolate chips are perfect for this technique. I made sails for the cupcakes from toothpicks and paper towels.  I cut triangle pieces out of paper towels. Then I pushed the toothpick through the top of the triangle and through the bottom of the triangle. It took trial and error to get just what I wanted. The blue and white frosting made the cupcakes fit the sail boat look perfectly.

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Snacks for the party were so simple and very affordable. I used a cute serving dish (from the Dollar Tree) to serve goldfish crackers as “fish”.

With a toddler we normally have some goldfish on hand. The expecting mother’s sister brought a lovely popcorn snack that we cleverly labeled “coral”.  I even made egg salad “sailor sammies”.  Everything I used is great go-to party food.

My dad has always been an amazing caterer and has a wonderful gift of creativity and art when it comes to food.  I have hosted a couple baby showers this year and had him make us the cutest fruit babies.  This time, I asked him to make a boat to fit the nautical theme.
He accepted and made a boat out of a watermelon to house the cut up fruit.Processed with MOLDIV

I threw together some easy Chex mix the night before to serve as our “Captain’s Crunch”. I had all the ingredients to make it, so it was easy on the budget.


Beverages can be tough for any party. Do you do tea? Lemonade? Coffee? I have found that everyone seems to enjoy the classic 7-up punch. And it is so easy. A bottle of blue Hawaiian Punch and a 2 liter of 7-up, and we had our “ocean water”.  Adding the rubber duck creates the perfect baby shower accessory.   The “Ocean Water” was stirred up just before the party.  It was so delicious it was gone in minutes and I had to make a whole new batch.

imageWhile I put all the food out and raced around to get things perfect for the party, everyone else was getting the games and props in place. Angela created a gorgeous bunting in minutes. She brought out some props she had laying around that we were able to display nicely.

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Upon entering, guest were to grab the necklaces we put together with lifesaver mints attached. If any of them said the word “cute” someone could snatch their life saver.  Life saver mints made for the perfect “life-preservers” for out nautical shower. It was a simple touch that helped pull the theme together.


It is possible to throw a cute party on a low budget. I had most of the food on hand, and the decorations were borrowed. I didn’t have to run out and spend money on those typical expenses. It was so simple, but so elegant. The party was a major success. All the guests had such a great time.  Throwing a party should be fun.  Have fun!  Keep your stress low by planning ahead.  Share your nautical ideas!  Did you try anything from our nautical baby shower?

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