Making Snow-Capped Memories

snow-capped memories

I have a love/hate relationship with the frigid temperatures! I love the idea of snuggling in next to my heater in my slipper socks, under my favorite blanket and a hot cup of coffee to warm my hands. I can look outside my window and see the beautiful flakes falling and it makes my heart melt with nostalgia.
I flash back to times of my childhood, pulling on my coat and matching snow pants, my snow boots, hat, scarf and gloves. Such excitement surged through my little body, as the snow and the sled called my name. It was no matter that the strong wind would whip my face and chap my nose. I didn’t care that the snow would enter my gloves to freeze my wrists while I fashioned my “igloo.” I couldn’t imagine staying indoors with all the opportunities the snow boasted. I could stay outdoors for what seemed like hours.
When it was time to finally go back inside, I remember stripping off my wet, snow covered items and requesting hot chocolate with marshmallows as I stood atop the heating grate and warmed my toes. 
Ah, how things have changed. Soon enough both my little ones will be old enough to make their own snow capped memories. And because I no longer have a desire to traipse through the mountains of snow, I will have to reframe my thinking, put on my boots, scarf, hat and gloves and take solace in the hot pot of coffee and blanket that await my return.

adele in the snow blurred
Isn’t that a great aspect of parenthood? It challenges us to make our hearts young again.

How do you feel about snow? What new memories will you make this winter?

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