Menu Planning Method Simplified  

Ahhh, the favorite family question. The one I dread the most. It actually has a tendency to cause some arguments. 

Hubs: “what’s for dinner?” 

Me: “Well, what do we have?”

Husband: “I don’t know.”

Long silence while I frustratingly rack my tired brain and husband pretends to do the same. 

Me: “hmmm, chicken?”

Husband says: “Sure. What kind?”

3 year old daughter interjects: “Chickies!”

Me to hubs: “I DONT KNOW! What do we have to go with it?!”

3 year old dances and repeatedly chants in the background: “Chickies! Fries! Ranch! Chocolate milk!”

Husband (in exasperation): “Well, we could have chicken and rice, but we don’t have broccoli to make a casserole. I would have to run to the store.”

Me: “well, I’m really hungry now. What else could we have?”

Hubs: “oh I don’t know…Chickies?”

Daughter cheers. 

Hubs and I Sigh. 

That is the condensed version of most of our dinner convos. It involves a lot of quiet minutes and more arguing about how we have nothing to make. 

Seriously. This exact scenario was all too common. The last thing I want to do is try to craft a meal at 5 pm while my stomach growls. Nor do I want anyone making a run for missing ingredients only to prolong my hunger! So we have successfully implemented a meal plan system. Finally. 

I try to shop two weeks at a time in one large trip. Then we do a small one for fresh fruit and veggies if need be. This is simply for budgeting purposes. 

Every Friday is a picnic on the living room floor with baked Chickies and fries, and chocolate milk. I set out a blanket and start a movie. Its a lot of fun! I always look forward to Friday!  

Once a week we have breakfast for dinner. 

Once a week we have a loaded chicken salad and smoothies. 

Once a week we try to go meatless. Can you say margherita pizza? Yum!

Once a week we do burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas or the like. 

One day we do some type of sandwiches- BLT’s, grilled turkey and cheese, meatball marinara or Roast beef with Au Ju. 

We also try to do a meal that ensures left overs. Chili or some kind of soup is always a favorite. Pasta, or stir fry happens often and of course anything crockpot. 

So, there you have it. The skeleton I build my meal plan from. I love it because it gives a lot of variety but basic bones to work from. I don’t always follow it to a T, sometimes we have frozen pizza picnics on Fridays. But for the most part we have each of those categories once a week. 

Give it a try next time your stuck with your meal planning. Let me know how you make it work for you! 

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