Minimalist Easter Mantle

There is a place in my life for complicated and fancy and frills…but there is also a place for minimalism. Especially when life feels hectic. Last month, I did a Valentine’s holiday mantle that was pretty epic (I use that term loosely). I even cut out a giant cardboard heart and poked holes all over in it and stuffed hand-dyed coffee filters in each of the holes to make a really stunning 3 dimensional flowery heart thing. I was feeling crafty. 

Except when my coffee filters ran out and then I just couldn’t find the time, patience or energy to go through with the dip dying, drying, and poking through little holes with pliers process all over again. *Ahem* So yes, my mantle did stay in a half state of awesomeness and sadness. And you know what? I’m okay with that. In fact, I left it that way alllllll month long. And no one said a peep about it. But the half-done 3 dimensional flowery heart thing DID look pretty cool. Even if it was only half done.  Haha. 

P.S. Please excuse the terrible pic you are about to witness below of my Valentines day mantle. I took a quick snap for my own satisfaction a month ago and never dreamed I would reference it in a blog post. But then again, here we are. 

The heart branches were an inspiration from here. The stick arrows were another spur of the moment when I had all the crafty feels going on. I didn’t like how they were looking just spread out all awkward on the mantle by themselves so I came up with this latter thing by tying it up with jute. (Don’t you just love all my super technical words I’ve got going on today? Yeah.) In the end, I actually switched it out with a handmade burlap “LOVE” bunting I made the year before (using this method) because it took up more horizontal visual space. It actually looked quite nice and I’m a tad upset I didn’t snap a pic of that instead. Boo.










Anyway, after going above and beyond last month and not quite hitting the mark, I decided simpler is better this month. I can toss a few items up there, arrange it to look a bit like I did it on purpose, then get back to wrangling my little ones out of whatever trouble they’ve gotten themselves into in those couple of moments!

For this mantle, I used my husband’s late grandmother’s pitcher filled with fake branches. I’ve found that using a pitcher looks so nice in practically every season. I also grabbed a burlap table runner that I used last Thanksgiving, purchased at Walmart in the craft section. A couple of long lengths of purple ribbon (saved from my wedding invites!) and a simple wreath made in my MOPS group recently.

*The wreath is so super easy if you want to make that too! Grab a vine wreath, one bunch of fake flowers in some beautiful colors, and a little cross or other trinket to tuck in there from Hobby Lobby (don’t forget your coupon!!). When you are ready to assemble, make sure you have your glue gun hot and ready. Then rip all the flower heads off the stems and begin arranging the flower heads on your wreath until you attain your desired look. Begin hot gluing each flower in place. It fills it in quite nicely if you add some of the greenery here and there between the flowers too. Then slightly tuck your trinket into the top of your flowers and glue down. Done!

 See, I told you this was gonna be easy. What do you think of a minimalist mantle? 

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