My Plexus Jouney: Month One

My first month with Plexus has been absolutely amazing. I’m 1/3 of the way through my weight loss journey, and I’m seeing so many wonderful results.


Remember how awesome your hair and nails were when you were pregnant? Yeah, Plexus products can do that too. My hair isn’t coming out in handfuls, and my nails are growing fast and staying strong.

I have struggled with anxiety much of my life, to the point I was medicated for it. In my first month, I was able to get through without any of my anti-anxiety medication!  That is just a fantastic victory for me. I never expected this to result from taking my Plexus products.  Amazing, right? I know you may be skeptical, so was I. Try it for yourself. There are trial packs available, and a 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. Because the product is REAL.


Alright, shout out to my stay at home mamas: who here takes a nap when the kiddos nap? Yeah I did too. Or else I desperately wanted to. I wanted to rip my hair out when the kids didn’t nap, because it meant I also didn’t get a nap either. Not anymore! Plexus has given me so much real energy without a crash. I didn’t expect that at all. It is truly amazing.


I am nursing, so I am currently using TriPlex. It is a combination of three, nursing safe, natural supplements. Bio Cleanse is keeping my body detoxified and cleansed for rapid and healthy weight loss. ProBio5 is keeping my gut healthy, which is also a must for weight loss. Lastly, my precious Plexus Slim, is giving me the energy and supplementation I need to keep the cravings at bay, and my energy up. All of these combined have helped me so much. I could talk about all of the benefits of each, but that would take all day. Check out all of our natural and safe supplements. We have a large variety of products.


When I first started, I had no idea how awesome the benefits would be from these supplements. I just wanted to lose weight. I’m gaining everything except for weight at this point! I have gained confidence, strong nails, healthy hair, real energy without the coffee, and a new me.

Plexus is so much more to me today than it was when I first started. I was skeptical and desperate. But I joined a close friend of mine’s team, and I have been truly blessed by her and all my other team mates. Through Plexus, I have gained so many changes within myself, but I have also gained a family.

As I stated in my last post, I’m not a salesman. But I really can’t keep my results to myself. I post my results as they happen to my personal Facebook page, and people want to know what I’m doing. I feel so much joy helping all the individuals I have so far in just one month.
You can earn money in Plexus 11 different ways. Plexus blesses its ambassador’s with more than just commission!

If you want to join my team, and experience all the blessings I have, send me an email at

Things I gained in my first month of Plexus:
Real Energy
Decreased Anxiety
Strong Nails
Healthier Hair
A Pay Check
A Wonderful Support System
Great Friends

Things I lost in my first month of Plexus:
10 Pounds
My Skepticism
Cravings for Junk Food


Be sure to checkout as a preferred customer for cheaper products! Preferred customers receive 10% off of their products, and an additional 10% every four orders. Preferred just means your products will be auto-shipped, but the auto ship can be canceled. No extra fees, only discounts. That’s a win all in its own!

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