Overcoming the Obstacles of Exercise 


 When I used to think about exercising, my heart would sink. It’s hard to WANT to push your body to the limit. It’s hard to make time. Crying babies, laundry mountains, meals to prepare, diapers to change and dishes to tackle, my mind and body are exhausted just thinking about it. Now I have to take care of myself? How?

I really just want to sit and surf Pinterest when I get a spare moment. Maybe watch a couple shows I like. Really, anything else.

There are plenty of barriers to working out. In a nutshell, here’s my obstacles of exercise and how I overcome them:


There’s never enough hours in a day to get it all done. But, we moms and women are queens of multitasking. Let’s use that to our advantage right now. Get some squats in at the stove between flips of the grilled cheese. Build and add more each night. Or putting dishes in the high cupboard, do 5 or 10 leg raises each time. Incorporate strength training into your everyday routine. That’s half the battle won right there, mama. 

Lack of motivation: 

I don’t always find exercising fun. I wish I did, but I really don’t. You know what I do like though? TV. I like watching new episodes of my favorite shows. I do, I do, I do-ooo. (Keenan and Kel, anyone?) So, I use that to motivate myself to go. Not the news or the lame court tv they provide at my gym. Does Hulu have a show you love, you just can’t wait for the next episode? Yep, me too. You can bet I’ll be watching the newest episode of New Girl on the elliptical. It works like a charm. I just bring my tablet or phone with me to the gym. My workout doesn’t seem as long and I get drawn into the show rather than the tired pain in my thighs.   

I also like those singing competition shows. Right now, American idol. So, instead of plopping myself on the couch, I groove to the music they sing. Freestyle! Jumping jacks! Just work it! It’s a lot of fun! Remember to close the blinds before you start unless you want to give your neighbors a conversation piece. Bonus: If my kiddos are up they laugh and dance with me. Good bonding time. 


This was a problem for me until I got a family gym membership that allowed me to drop them off in childcare when I went to work out. Lifesaver. Kids driving me batty? Yep, let’s go to the gym. Extra incentive there, I get a break and a workout! I totally get it if you can’t afford that, they can be pricey. But rest assured, there are plenty of things you can do at home. Plenty of sites and phone apps dedicated to just that. Slip in a short workout while your kids nap or do an activity. If you are worried about being too noisy, rock out some yoga or Pilates. 


I don’t like running on the treadmill. I really dislike running, period. When I hit the gym, I always go to the elliptical. It took me a long time to figure out how much I hated going for a jog outside or on the treadmill. So, make sure you try other things. You need to experiment. Maybe you dislike working out because you aren’t doing what suits you best. 

One of the workouts I actually look forward to is a class called Refit. They have videos* on their YouTube channel you can check out.  In my town, they also do classes at different churches. Maybe they do where you live too. It’s fun dance moves to hip music. Good stuff. 

*ps, if you are a 90’s kid like me, you’ll appreciate the N’SYNC Bye Bye Bye one. Ahhh. Nostalgia.

So mama, get creative. Get moving. Find what suits you. Exercise will grow on you. Maybe you will even look forward to it!

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