Birthday Save!

 What to do, what to do… My husband turns 28 and I have NOTHING ready. I have a million ideas, and no how I can execute with him here or with him at work. When Keep Reading

Finding Freedom

Once in a while I am lucky enough to stumble upon some free time to myself. Sometimes this is a result of a perfectly orchestrated Nap Time, or a wonderful surprise from a loving hubby. Keep Reading

Appreciating the Moment

Yesterday, I sat on the bench swing in the backyard while my 4 year old son swung next to me. “Say the Swing Song,” he begged me as he pumped higher into the air and Keep Reading


Angela Welcome! Thanks for checking out our little corner. Thought I’d take a moment to introduce myself as I step out into Blog Land. I’m a Midwestern wife and a newly stay-at-home mother of 4 Keep Reading