Weekly Menu:Dinner

   Dinner time! What’s on your menu? Need to fill some gaps? Check out these dinners for some ideas: Sunday: Meaty Lasagna with hidden veggies (add shredded carrots and chopped spinach to the sauce or Keep Reading

Brown Sugar Coffee Scrub

  Who loves a good homemade sugar scrub? I know I do! I love making scrubs for my spa nights. This week, I decided to add a little coffee. Caffeine combats cellulite. As I’m losing weight, Keep Reading

Combating  gastritis with clean eating

  Happy Good Friday all! Our household is still recovering from an interesting Thursday. Yesterday was a roll with the punches kind of day.  Actually, it started on Wednesday when my husband began complaining of a Keep Reading

Give Yourself A Break!

What do you do to relax? How does a stay at home mom so such a thing? Or any mom for that matter. I stay home with my kids. That means, no breaks. I do Keep Reading

How to salvage your poop stained baby clothes for Free!

The love in my heart for my babies is indescribable. It’s a feeling that compares to no other. The snuggles and cuddles, sweet baby breath, tiny little eyes and ears and fingers and toes. It Keep Reading

Menu Planning Method Simplified  

   Ahhh, the favorite family question. The one I dread the most. It actually has a tendency to cause some arguments.  Hubs: “what’s for dinner?”  Me: “Well, what do we have?” Husband: “I don’t know.” Keep Reading

Waffle Sandwhiches, Anyone?

Need an easy idea to get your picky eater to eat? I’m not talking about my toddler, but my husband. It’s pretty difficult to get him to eat anything that didn’t come out of a Keep Reading

Fun and Simple Audio Memory Game

Once upon a time when I was still a mom of two, I spent a lot of time creating improve homeschooling activities for the kids to do. Even though my children are not homeschooled, I Keep Reading

Simple fruit compote

      I started making this compote a few years back and since then it has worked its way into many of my favorite foods. This recipe has been so much fun to experiment with! Keep Reading