Party on a Budget: Cookie Monster Party!

When Elijah turned three, we were out of town on vacation. We celebrated, but when we came back, I of course, had to put together a themed party. Elijah’s favorite color is blue. He has also always liked the Cookie Monster, even though he has never seen Sesame Street. A Sesame Street party would have been easy, because all the party stores have a ton of decorations and party favors, but I decided to stick to the Cookie Monster since the party was for him. I brainstormed. I procrastinated. And 6 days before the party I decided I should probably make my own decorations. So I started. 

DIY Banners are SO easy. Crafty, or not so crafty, like myself, anyone can do it. I had crafting things on hand, so I didn’t have to run out to purchase anything. This party was on a financial budget, and due to procrastination, a time budget as well. While the boys napped, I cut traced circles, wrote out the bubble like letters I wanted to use, and free handed a couple Cookie Monsters. One small enough to fit on my circles and a large one to hang up. I made a glass of milk to add a nice accent to the banner as well. I have no drawing talent, believe me, it was easy. The brown circles needed a Cookie touch, so I simply used a black marker to create spots, and colored them in with a brown washable marker. Chocolate chips. So for a cute last minute banner, all you need is card stock (for sturdiness), scissors, glue or tape, a writing utensil to trace, and a hole punch to string it up. You don’t even have to cut out letters. You can use paint markers to write on the card stock. Black card stock my favorite when using paint or glass markers. Example below from a recent baby shower:

So far I had spent no money because I had bought a pack of card stock for Ezrah’s One-a-Saurus party. I also printed “Cookie Bar” on a piece of blue card stock to cover some stickers on the wall where I normally hang 6 pictures. Brown card stock behind it covered in the “chocolate chips”. Then I used the giant cookie with a “3” to cover the other side. I initially made it to put on the front door the day of the party. I never got around to creating a new one for the door, sadly. 

Putting everything together took a little bit of time, but I did most of it over nap time and finished when the kids went to bed. It can be done. If I can do it, so can you! I purchased steamers, $.97 a piece. I had white so I only had to get light blue and dark blue. One blue would have sufficed. I also had some dark blue and light blue balloons on hand, so for less than $1, I bought a pack of light blue. Hubby works at Walmart, so we just picked up what we needed from there. They have a whole party section with affordable party supplies. Decorations, done. 

Eating utensils and color coordinated table supplies were easy. I got dark blue napkins, plates, eating utensils, and cups. I then picked out a light blue table cloth, cups, and plates so that there was contrast. I had blue and white paper straws already but Walmart sells them for under $2. I had to add some left over craft eyes to some of the cups and one plate, special for the birthday boy.

Food was so easy. I decided I would bake four batches of cookies, but at $2 a box, you could always go the store bought route. To make things easy on myself, I made each batch the week of the party.  An October favorite, pumpkin cheesecake snickerdoodles made it into the bar as well. I simply balled them up and froze them before placing them in freezer bags. This way, I was able to pop them in the night before and morning of the party. It worked out great. I placed them on my cupcake tower and in a plastic bowl from the last party we had.

Cookie Monster fudge was really simple. I made two batches, I recommend only making one. I did dark blue and light blue and added candy eyes, Oreos, and my fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. I will provide a link below to learn how to make them. I saw them on Pinterest and Facebook. 

Cookie Monster no churn ice cream. It sounds scary, but it turned out amazing. I saw a lot of recipes on Pinterest and decided to add that to the party. All you need is heavy whipping cream, sweetened condensed milk (fat free works), vanilla, food coloring (I used gel) and cookies. It only takes a few minutes and you can put it in the freezer until the party! 

I almost forgot the Cookie Juice! Blue Hawaiian Punch and a clear soda. I used 7-Up.

Party treats:


if you are on a tighter budgets, you can eliminate extras like candy eyes. I didn’t add store bought cookies to this budget because I didn’t use them.
Sweetened condensed milk- $1.64 (2)

Heavy whipping cream- $2.34

Package of Oreos -$1.98

Store bought cookies (I’m not sure how much I spent on my homemade, I had all the ingredients at home) -$2

Candy melts -$3.98

Candy eyes- $3.50 


Less if you have some of this on hand! 

Card stock – $5 for an assorted pack. The craft store sells them individually so you can pick the exact amount you need. Very cheap. Don’t forget to look up coupons if you go to Michaels or JoAnn’s. 

Balloons- $1 per color

Steamers- $.97 per color. 

Hole punch $.97

Glue- $.50

Party food supplies: 

$6 Walmart cost

Cups $.97 

Plates $.97 

Napkins $.97

Paper Straws $.50

Table cloth (plastic) $.97

I got extra sets and got everything for under $6

For all of this, the total is under $30

We did get a party sub because the party was over lunch. An easy way around that? Have the party after lunch and before dinner! 

*for the eyes on the Cookie Monster cake, I used Oreo halves dipped in white chocolate and brown M&Ms for the pupils. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Double Chocolate Cookies

I used white chips because I ran out of regular!

Peanut Butter Cookies

I needed to leave them in for 9 minutes.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Snickerdoodles

Cookie Monster Fudge

Cookie Monster Ice Cream

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