Pesky Puzzle Solution No. 2: Chunky Puzzles

Awhile back I helped you all with how to organize loose puzzles so that broken boxes and miscellaneous pieces don’t take over your life. Today, I’m going to show you how I tackle puzzles that come in wooden frames such as these:


These chunky wooden puzzles are great for little ones who are just learning color and shape concepts and still need some visual prompts to be able to fit pieces together. These puzzles, however, used to be the bane of my existence. Any time they were bumped or moved, the tray containing the pieces would dump and pieces would go everywhere. We were constantly putting these puzzles together…and not for the fun of it. Then when the kids actually wanted to put the puzzle together, they would have to hunt around for the missing pieces that got bumped at some other unknown point in time. Sigh.

Well folks, this is where Velcro dots have become a personal favorite.

We went from {this}:


To {THIS}!


*See how fantastic that is?*

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