Plexus Monthly Update

I am so in love with my Plexus products. I’ve been taking my TriPlex for over two months. My energy is high, and my motivation to succeed is even higher. In the words of Kaci Dean, my amazing sponsor, “Plexus is more than slim.” I didn’t understand that until I took the plunge, and decided to try it. I’m gaining everything except for weight.  I couldn’t be happier. Before starting Plexus, was a whole different story.


This time had to be different. I couldn’t stand seeing this foreign body. I know it housed two beautiful babies, but if other moms could get their bodies back, why couldn’t I? I just expected the weight to fall off, as if I was a teenager. That’s not how this works…That’s not how any of this works. Not for my body anyway. I spent months gaining all that weight with pregnancy cravings, and it just wasn’t going to vanish. So I made the leap.

My jeans are fitting now. Let me just tell you, I have worn yoga pants and leggings for the last year. It wasn’t just because they are insanely comfortable, but I couldn’t get my jeans on after my second pregnancy. I was mortified. Embarrassed. Desperate for a change. Plexus was the change I needed. Now I can get my jeans on and I’m down a size in yoga pants!

I’m not napping or needing to rest while my kids nap anymore. I have plenty of energy to get through the day without loading up on coffee. And with that, my stress has drastically reduced. I’d be lying if I said having two babies 18 months apart was never stressful, but it’s a breeze compared to life with high anxiety added to my already over flowing plate.

I had already started cleaning up my meals of all the preservatives and processed foods by cooking from scratch, but I was exhausted. After the holidays hit, I lost my momentum. Until I ordered my TriPlex.


I signed on just to get wholesale pricing, but watching my team build themselves up, I just had to get in on that too. It’s been an amazing experience, and I’m actually having success in the business, despite my introverted personality.

I’m down 18 pounds. I am halfway to my goal! I have financial freedom. I am making a difference in people’s lives. What are you waiting for? $34.95, and I get wholesale pricing, the ability to better my family, and the opportunity to help other people who have struggled like I have.

Email me at for more information.  Take a look at these products and remember to shop preferred for 10% off, and additional discounts on your journey. After the fourth order, you recieve an extra 10% off. That means after just four orders, you get your products 20% off.  Preferred customers recieve discounts for having an auto shipment that can be cancelled. There is no contract, no commitment. With a 60 day money back guarantee on everything except trials, there’s no reason not to give it a try. You think it’s too good to be true? So did I. What’s the harm in trying if you can get your money back? Take the leap, you won’t be sorry.

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