Pretzel Snack: Dinosaur Bones


Adding dinosaur bones to my little guy’s Dino party was really easy. We just needed white chocolate melting wafers, pretzels, and marshmallows. We scored everything for around $5. And we had enough to feed a party of around 20, and have leftovers. And everyone LOVED them. Okay. So I’m lucky enough to have the most amazing mother in law on the planet. She did actually put in most of the labor. My husband and I helped add some marshmallows to the ends after the real work had been done. She’s awesome. Anyway, I did get to peep in while she was working. This was our only food that too some time. It’s easy. But it is tedious. Totally worth it for pulling the theme together. We used half a bag of pretzels, a twelve ounce bag of melting wafers (chips or bars would also work), and one bag of marshmallows.
1. Heat the chocolate. You can do this on the stove or in the microwave. To make this whole process easier, the chocolate wafers were heated in the microwave. We had to repeat a few times to keep the chocolate melted.
2. Then dip the pretzels. Dip or dump. We dumped the pretzel sticks into the bowl of chocolate and stirred them around. Of course we figured this out halfway through dipping them by hand. But with the sticks, you can dump in as many at a time that the bowl will allow while coating the sticks well.
3. Lay them out on wax paper. Parchment also works, but wax is cheaper, so that’s what we did.
4. Then add marshmallows to the ends. We found that freezing the chocolate covered pretzels made it easier to get the marshmallows on the end. Otherwise the chocolate can melt in your hands.

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