Recycled Crayons!

Need a fun and easy gift idea? I had a great idea for my youngest son’s first birthday party. Crayons. Ok that sounds lame. But wait. Think of all those broken crayons that your kids peeled all the paper off of. Those crayons can be put to good use. Recycle your crayons!

Recycled crayons 2

My oldest son just started coloring, so I only had a couple broken ones from him, but I had my stash of crayons from growing up, collecting dust in my craft room. I knew I was saving those for something! They were all broken. Perfect for recycling into some nice party favors.

Recycled crayons 1

The theme of the approaching party is dinosaurs. So I ordered a dinosaur mold for under $2 on Amazon. You can get a mold for just about anything for fairly cheap. I suggest looking in advance if you plan on getting a special mold, because the estimated shipping for mine was two months from out of the country. It came in just two weeks, but it is better to be safe and order with plenty of time. IF YOU DO NOT WANT A SPECIFIC MOLD and you only want to recycled old or broken crayons, use a muffin pan!

Recycled crayons 3

So I received my dinosaur mold, and decided to toss the broken crayons right into it. I preheated the oven for 300 degrees, and lined the pan I set the silicone mold with aluminum foil. In case of any wax were to leak out, I didn’t want to deal with scraping it off my pan. I’m glad I did, because some wax did over flow, and it was an easy clean up.

Recycled crayons 5

Anyway, once the oven was preheated, I put the pan with the crayon filled mold in, and waited about 15 minutes. Everything melted. Perfect. I added crayons to a couple cavities to make sure each was filled to the brim with wax. I let the wax cool for an hour, then peeled out my dinosaur crayons. They will add the perfect touch to our “Rawr-ing” party. I have Easter eggs from last year to hold the crayons in. I think all the kids will love their dinosaur eggs! Have you recycled crayons? What did you do to jazz up those old and broken crayons?

Suggestion: If you mix light and dark colors, you get the best swirls of color in your crayons.  I loved putting yellow in to contrast.  All the light colors really popped when next to dark colors. You can use any combination and it will look nice. So if you have themed colors, you can recycle specific colors as well!

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