Simple DIY Slushy using TWO Ingredients!

Image-1 (2)These last couple of weeks, as my oldest son was recouping from having his tonsils removed, I spent a lot of time dashing to the kitchen, grabbing ice chips, popsicles, Gatorade, and water for my guy. Even though he honestly wanted none of any of it post-op, by and far, the one thing that got him to take more than just a weak little sip or two was the homemade slushy.  I first discovered this when my son’s wonderful nurse at the hospital offered him his choice flavor of slushy first thing after his surgery. Even through his discomfort and slight disorientation from the general anesthesia, he quickly obliged. She soon returned with a delightful looking slushy that could have rivaled any $12 county fair shaved ice drink. He slurped it down and later asked for more.

 “Wow,” I said to the nurse in awe. “That’s so great that the hospital has a slushy machine.”

“Slushy machine?” she retorted. “Oh no, honey, we don’t have any slushy machine. That’s just a popsicle blended up with a splash of Sprite. Been doing it that way for the last 30 years!” she exclaimed.  

“Really? That’s all?” I blinked at her. I knew I looked like a stupefied dear caught in headlights. But I was amazed at the sheer simplicity of that little beverage as my mind was running wild with the possibilities.

“Huh,” was all I could manage after that. But from that moment on, I knew this easy slushy recipe would indeed be coming home with us, tucked away in this mama’s brain. See, I knew it would not only provide hydration and soothe my brave boy’s sore throat, but it is sure to also become a super simple summer staple for our family! (I dare you to say that 5 times fast!) 

Here’s how it’s done:

Gather your lineup of ingredients – your choice of popsicle and your choice of lemon lime soda. 

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Image-1 (8)

So what are you waiting for? Grab a popsicle and a bit of Sprite. Give it a whirl in a Magic Bullet. Drop a straw in it and enjoy!

*Note: If you add flavored soda that matches the flavor of popsicle you choose, I bet it would give it a boost of flavor! For example, a grape popsicle blended with a splash of grape soda, or an orange popsicle blended with a splash of orange pop! A root beer popsicle with some cream soda! Yum!

Let me know if you try this and how it turns out!

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