Simple fruit compote


I started making this compote a few years back and since then it has worked its way into many of my favorite foods. This recipe has been so much fun to experiment with! It’s great mixed into plain yogurt, cream cheese, over pancakes, ice cream and my ultimate favorite–angel food cake! Besides it being so easy and versatile, my favorite thing about it is how I can better control the amount of sugar that goes into some of my foods. I strayed away from yogurt and flavored cream cheese for awhile because of the amount of sugar in each serving.  Boy am I glad they’re back!

So, here’s how you make it:

Grab 2 cups of berries, fresh or frozen, any kind. I chose strawberry. Blueberry is great too! When I can, I slice them but mine were frozen whole, so I didn’t this time. 

Toss em in your skillet at a medium heat. Add 1/2 cup of water. And 1/4 cup of sugar or more for tart berries.  

Note: I have used Splenda for a sugar free version and it works just as well, just add the Splenda at the end after it cools a bit. 

Let the berries cook down until soft.  

Yep. Just like that. 

Then we add some chia seeds. This will thicken it. You can also use 2 tsp cornstarch or arrowroot (If you do, don’t forget to mix it with water before you pour it in or you will be disappointed). 

I stir in 1 teaspoons of chia seeds and get my fruit mixture bubbling.

  Let them bubble about 3 minutes. Remove from heat. 

You are done! Add to everything and anything!  

 Let me know what you like it on!

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