Simple Solutions for your everyday woes: The Scrap Bin

Today I wanted to let you all in on a dirty little secret of mine. A really good, trashy one. Yep, it’s a little something in the kitchen that has got me all excited.

Oh shame on you. I’m talking about TRASH! Kitchen waste, garbage, wrappers, bottle caps, empty containers, scraps, etc. You see, I have an unfortunate layout of my kitchen in which the garbage can is a bit far from the prep counter where all of the cooking and such takes place. I have found that where the trash can is located, things can get a bit bottle necked over there when things get busy and dinner is under way. I found that instead of trash getting thrown away immediately, it would get set on the counter or table to be dealt with at a later time. And turning around and bumping into someone while I have juicy chicken scraps dripping from my hands is not my idea of a great cooking experience. Nor is the fancy side step dance I have to perform around chairs and toys that made their way into the kitchen while I desperately reach for the garbage can with said dripping chicken pieces. Oy.

Several years ago, I stumbled upon a random thread somewhere deep in the oblivion of the inter tangles of the web where women were having a heated discussion about a curious product on the market called a garbage bowl. The garbage bowl, as I found out, was a receptacle placed on your countertop to collect all sorts of kitchen trash and scraps while you prepare your meals. So many comments stated how silly it was to purchase an expensive bowl to collect trash on your countertop. I agree, however it got me thinking about the usefulness of such an item. I thought back to the dripping chicken. Aha! Oh, how prepping for dinner was about to change.

I ended up purchasing a plastic bin from the dollar store, but any receptacle will do, as long as it is washable and doesn’t take up too much space on the countertop. I line the bin with plastic grocery bags so that cleanup is easy. Cutting apples? Cores and peels right into the scrap bin. Peeling oranges? Into the bin. Gum getting old and tasteless? In the bin. Use a paper towel to clean up a spill? The bin! See how this works? It’s right at your fingertips, right where you need it, no fuss about it. Cooking and prepping becomes quicker and more streamlined. Seriously, you can’t know how something so simple can make such an impact until you see for yourself. It’s golden.

Have you ever thought about using a scrap bin or a garbage bowl?

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