Success During Nap Time

I find myself wanting to just kick back and surf the net while my kids are sleeping. But discipline helps me run a strong household. Cleaning schedules really help you stay on track. I wake up and make a mental note of what needs to be done. Once the littles are sleeping, I start getting things done. I have found that keeping the house picked up really helps me in my cleaning process. At the end of each night, when the babies are asleep and before I can get my downtime, I pick up so I can start the day fresh. This means, at nap time, I can tackle the cleaning, and enjoy some peace to myself.Processed with MOLDIV

Before nap time I pick up all the toys and put them in their rightful place. It helps things get quieted down, and gives me a head start on my cleaning duties. Luckily, my kids have great closets to store all of their toys, and they cannot open them. If it’s close to nap time and my boys have all their toys scattered about, I pick up everything quickly except what they are playing with. Having good organization with the toys makes thus task only take a couple minutes.

The first thing I do once the kids are sleeping or having their time to rejuvenate quietly in their rooms, is clear the dishwasher first so I can load up the days dishes. It can be so stressful staring at that pile of dishes growing in your sink. If the dishwasher has already been emptied, I put my dishes in as I finish using them throughout the day. For mamas who wash by hand, I rinse immediately so that I can just scrub with soap, rinse, and get them on the drying rack. I always feel so much better once it is done. I rush and get this part done quickly. I have found that it doesn’t actually take long, even when the sink is overflowing from a day of baking.Processed with MOLDIV

Next, I scan the house for trash that didn’t make it to the garbage can and get that taken care of. Getting your space cleared is key. Make sure to tackle your clutter so that these tasks are easier to get through. I set aside a little time each week to declutter. Everything must have a place in this house. But it hasn’t always been this way, it took a lot of energy and effort to get here. Once the clutter and trash is cleared, I’m ready to wipe off counters and tables. Clorox wipes are amazing for getting the job done quickly and with ease. I quickly wipe the counters and table surfaces. Then I clean the floor as needed. With hardwood floors, I can’t get away with not sweeping daily, though I try. I designate a time once a week to mop.

All of this may seem like a lot, but with keeping up on it, I only have to spend about 20 minutes a day cleaning and picking up. After my 20 minutes of cardio cleaning, I’m ready to just relax. I search for deals online, catch up on the news, or try to get a real workout in. Often times, I find myself catching up on Facebook while I play the latest episode of my favorite show. Being a stay at home mom is a busy job. It is possible to make it easier. Stay ahead when you can, and remember that you do need to make time for yourself. Some days, my “me” time is simply taking a shower because I didn’t wake up before the kids. Other days, I melt into the couch and just do nothing. Your success is whatever you want it to be.

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