Taming the shoe jungle

imageWith a larger than average family of six, we tend to have a bit of a shoe problem. And by a bit, I mean that’s an under exaggeration. We have shoes for daaaaaaayz dude, and the baby don’t even wear shoes yet, y’all!

I had figured out a system a while back for the kids’ shoe jungle (I’ll spare you the jungle shot of the kids’ shoes), but not my husband’s shoe dilemma. My shoes get tossed into a basket under my purse hooks because, like purses, you can’t ever have too many, and any other organization method becomes space hoggish and cumbersome. The Mr.’s shoes, on the other hand, still needed a home. Because my husband equally has enough shoes to accessorize a centipede, a basket for clunky man-shoes wasn’t a great solution for him. Neither was lining them up all nice and pretty on a shoe shelf/rack. It just wasn’t happening.

But what DID work was this ingenious hack. This coat hook shoe hack, to be precise.

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And lucky me, I had this spare set of coat hooks lying around and conveniently found a second matching set for cheap at Goodwill. Yeehaw for cheap and lucky finds! I still need one more set of hooks for him, but right now, I’m just celebrating in this success! Just take a look at that organized and UTILIZED shoe hook area! Woot woot!


{Do you have a shoe jungle in your entryway? How do you handle the clutter?}


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