The 30 second solution to make your stuff POP!

1-25-16 Blog pic The other day I got a bit bored with looking at the same ol’ same ol’ around the house. So on a whim, I decided that things could use a “wake me up”. Without going on a shopping spree and buying all the beautiful and trendy, matchy bling out there (I’m looking at you Target) I grabbed a couple of my new favorite items I already had laying around the house; a gold paint pen from the Target dollar spot and some washi tape.

What started out as an innocent endeavor turned into a whole hunt and find of anything and everything I could get my hands on to gild in gold and dress in printed tape. Such a quick and easy way to give anything a little pop and pizzazz! And to think I didn’t even need to hole myself up in my office and lock the door from the 3 well-meaning little munchkins that want to “help”. I just balanced the baby on my hip and told the others they could watch and that was that.

Pretty soon they were excitedly bringing me items from around the house asking if it was gold worthy or if I should put washi tape on it instead. The kids especially loved the washi tape because it literally took 15 seconds to apply and instantly changed the whole look of the piece. The paint pen probably took 30 seconds. I ended up doodling on a glass coaster, gilding the edge of a jewelry dish and the front ledge of a wooden shelf, the corners of a mirror and the ends of some pegs on my jewelry rack with the gold paint pen. I adhered the washi tape to the inner edge of a bedroom door, a bookshelf edge, a desk edge and the inner edges of my daughters dresser drawers.

I love how the washi tape is so noncommittal. If it didn’t look quite right I could always just peel it back off and try again. If I get bored with it in the future, no big deal; I’ll just rip it off and trash the tape. It’s got less of a stick than regular tape, so it won’t ruin surfaces.

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What ideas do you have to “wake up” your surroundings?

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