The low-key Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday!

I must admit, although I love the holiday season, it took me quite awhile to feel the ‘holiday spirit.’ I used to love getting the tree out, thoughtfully placing each ornament, and marveling at the glimmering masterpiece when all was said and done with a steaming cup of hot chocolate warming my hands.  But this year, when I thought of pulling out the old tree, unpacking each ornament, fighting little hands while I scramble to untangle the garland and only decorating the top half of the tree so I don’t have to guard it minute to minute, I just didn’t feel up to the task. Sure, I do feel a bit of sadness, because for me, that was a tradition I used to love to partake.  I have many fond memories of doing so.

But alas, this Christmas, we opted out.  Instead we chose to grab a hot chocolate, and drive around the neighborhood light displays. This year, I am okay with that.  I look forward to the years when I have a helping hand to put the tree together, rather than tear it apart, and we can sing Christmas carols as a family, watch Rudolf and Bumble, and dance along with the Heat Miser and Frosty the Snowman.  I  can’t  wait until  we can read about our Savior’s birth, string lights all about, make Christmas cookies and start new family traditions.  However, this is not that year. 

This year, we are having a low-key Christmas.  We are cherishing the time we have together and with our extended family, filling our tummies full of traditional eats, and thanking God for His precious gift to the world. I hope that next year, as my children turn one year older, I will be able to celebrate in  a more  festive way, but this year, it is enough. 

How about you? How are you celebrating this wonderful season?


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