The Puzzle Problem and How to Solve It

I admit it. I have a serious love-hate relationship with puzzles. Anyone else have the same problem? When I am out holiday shopping, for some reason,  I always get it in my head that puzzles are suddenly THE BEST THING EVER!!! And then I buy a bunch for my kids to get all problem solvey and stuff with them.  I mean, they’re just so seriously awesome for getting children to flex their brain muscle while using their intellectual and spatial reasoning and all that.  And I’m also a mom that values toys and activities that encourage creativity and thought. 

Buuuuuut….I do not love THIS. (Nor the feeling of Reality slapping me in the face.)

Puzzle 2

Or boxes getting crushed. Or pieces spilling out of crushed boxes while being stored on the shelf. Or finding random pieces for the next 2 months that got pushed under couch cushions, carried off into the recycling bin, or lost somewhere in the depths of the kids’ sock drawers. #Lifeof4littles #Anticsofa2yearold  #Blameitonthetoddler


Ok. Just short of grabbing every puzzle box and piece I could find and tossing them all in the garbage bin in a manacle state of wits-end-crazies, I decided the better option would be to conquer the puzzle issue with some good ‘ol zipper sandwich bags and some shoebox totes.  I get my Ziplocks from Big Lots for a mega discount and the shoeboxes in a big pack for cheap at Menard’s.  {Side note, you can organize just about anything with Ziplocks, plastic shoeboxes and pencil cases. They are my weapons of mass destruction for blasting child induced clutter and chaos.}

A bit of dividing and a bit of conquering and we have……



Puzzle 3Isn’t that so much better?

You could cut the picture on the box out and store it in the bag with the pieces, but my kids don’t reference the picture anyway, so I didn’t. I like to label the outside of the bag with a couple of key words to help me know which puzzle is in the bag (ex: Cinderella holographic puzzle) but it isn’t necessary.

How do you organize your puzzles?

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