This is Why I Plexus

Plexus is truly amazing. I love all the products there are to choose from that fit so many different needs. There is really something for everyone. As a nursing mother, I’m so happy that I found something that I can use while I’m breastfeeding. In fact, as my health improves, so does my milk supply! 

Follow Me While I Plexus

Plexus Slim has been absolutely life changing. I take it first thing after I wake up. I simply add it to my 16.9 ounce bottle of water I put at my bed side. I haven’t needed coffee in weeks since adding Plexus Slim to my morning regiment. I two gentle cleanse capsules at this time. At night I take two more along with my probiotic. I love all of my Plexus products. As a nursing mother, I can safely use all of the TriPlex Products. This includes; Plexus slim, Bio Cleanse, and Probio5.

Plexus Slim

Plexus Slim has completely alleviated my cravings and given me real energy. I love clean eating. But it can be so easy to fall bad into old ways. Plexus Slim keeps me honest without effort. I’m not thinking about how good fries would be right now, I’m able to plan my meals and snacks without wandering. I only take it in the morning, and I feel it all day long. I have often struggled with taking supplements because there are so many that are not healthy. I love that Plexus has natural, quality, and safe ingredients. I cannot stop talking about this stuff! It is the real deal.


I am also taking a gentle cleanse supplement twice daily, as directed. The results I am getting are phenomenal. This product also helps keep my energy levels up naturally, as well as keep my digestive system healthy. Those benefits promote weight loss, which I am already seeing in just under two weeks! Bio Cleanse supports collagen production, oxygenation for the body, as well as a cleanse of the gastro-intestinal tract. All around, it is my favorite cleanse. Plexus Worldwide states, “As a result of modern lifestyle, most of our bodies are burdened with toxic waste and slow metabolism. A specially formulated Magnesium compound with Oxygen Enhancement and Vitamin C”. I can really see and feel a difference!

Probiotics can be amazing. I love taking them. However, Plexus offers the best probiotic I have found yet, ProBio5. The probiotic started enhancing my digestion in just one dose. There are enzymes in this probiotic that aid the digestion process. I take my ProBio5 every night with my second does of Bio Cleanse, and I wake up feeling refreshed.

These products work hand in hand. I couldn’t live without any of my TriPlex products. I was so skeptical before starting. I decided to join as an ambassador so I could help any friends or family that wanted to try and I’m loving every second! I hate selling, but I love being able to really help others feel as great as I do. If you are skeptical, you can always try it, and you have a 60 money back guarantee. Plexus stands by their product. They know it’s the real deal, and now I do too. My only regret is not starting my Plexus products sooner!

My first week:
I lost 5 pounds, food cravings, my coffee addiction, my sleep troubles, and my skepticism.
I have gained; a better self esteem, better and more balanced digestion, and a perspective that I can reach my goals.

Follow me on my Plexus journey. If you want to join me as an ambassador, or if you simply want to try a product, feel free to shoot me (Allie) an email at! I hope you enjoy seeing my progress! My life has changed already, I can’t wait to show you my transformation! 

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